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Kamis, 19 Januari 2017

Quotes from "Bound" - Okky Madasari

My favorite quotes from "Bound" - Okky Madasari : 

It was then that I began regretting why I had been born. This world wasn't for me. It didn't need me. I didn't like any of it. I was in the wrong place. And I always would be. (page 13)

Boredom. It was so refreshing to hear that one could quit doing something simply out of boredom. But not so for me. (page 14)

I caged my soul and my thoughts. I began building up a high wall. (page 27)

I didn't say anything else. It would be pointless. (page 31)

But I clicked with him. He made it seem as though life was easy, that everything could be had. (page 45)

It wasn't important what people called me because I would always be me. And it didn't matter what I looked like because I was still me. (page 49)

I had my dignity. (page 54)

Every relationship had its expiry date. That was why the people who were once special in our lives became less so over time. (page 92)

I entered the worlds they had created for themselves-magical places full of surprises and never boring. (page 100)

The insane are truly the only people in full possession of themselves. They won't necessarily do as others tell them. They won't play along just to appear normal. People who have lost all reason are those who have attained full consciousness. (page 101)

The soul, meanwhile, was the consciousness found deep in every person, so small, so hidden. Its voice was clear, but too low to hear. The more it went unnoticed, the deeper down it burrowed, defeated by the cacophony of voices from the outside that were deemed to be right. It wasn't just us crazies who had lost this consciousness, but the sane people out there too. (page 117)

"My life is my biggest fear," I said. (page 121)

And wasn't it freedom and courage that allowed a person to think properly? (page 195)

For days I swam in a sea of humanity. It was true that courage and enthusiasm were contagious. (page 204)

Love was love. It had nothing to do with gender, and there was no need to follow all the rules. (page 241-242)  

I'm not making the review because the stories are too gloomy for my taste, but it is a very well written novel. The sad part that makes me burst into tears is Banua's suicide note: I AM FREE. The dialogues are philosophical. The languages are soft and beautiful. Even though the plots and stories is full of pains, it isn't bitter. It's still sweet somehow, that through many difficulties, injustices, and bounds, the main characters: Sasana and Jaka Wani finally get their freedom that they always wanted.

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