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Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

An Owl Longing for Nest

An owl flying to a house.
Wondering it can be home, his nest.
He sits on a bamboo.
Wondering it can be nest, his rest.
Near the kitchen, he looks around.
Searching some bound.

From above, he stares with sad and tired eyes.
Is this my new house, my nest?
He wonders in silent.
Some dogs barking on him.
A clear sign that he is nothing but unwanted guest.

He sits nervously.
Looking for comfort.
But no friendly face.
Just barking dogs saying "Go away!"
Just humans with suspicious eyes,
Wonder when he will fly out.

A man, who lives in the house pushes him away.
An owl with tired eyes, finally flying out from the house.
With his tired wings he flies.
This time he sits on banana tree.
Far away from the house.
He still longing for a nest, his rest.

There on banana tree,
a sad and tired owl,
in silent and lonely, he sat,
Longing for rest, a nest.

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