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Senin, 21 Februari 2011


There're cracks at my floor.
There're leaks at my ceiling.
Water drip to my room,
come from the rain outside.

A lizard creeps at my wall.
When I turn around, the lizard sneaks to my coffee cup,
craning its tongue to my coffee.

I throw away my coffee with disgust.
How could you, naughty lizard?
I don't drink it yet.

Mosquitoes bite my skin,
suck my blood, and leave their marks.
Now I look like dalmatian with pink spots.

Enough is enough!
Go away all annoying creatures!
What I need is renovation!
Then I'll let workers fix my room.

I sleep at another room.
Just folding mattress which too thin.
Suddenly the floor feels so hard,
Broken my bones, rob my comforts.
I feel like refugees.

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