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Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

My Greek Drama

* This poem just a reminder to my unfinished fiction which stuck in page one, Rumahku adalah Sebuah RSJ (My House is An Institution).

I live in institution.
My grandma is a pathological liar.
She’s also half schizophrenia.
My sister is definitely schizophrenia.
I and my mom pretend their doctor and nurse.
But we don’t have any PhD title.
So what can we do to heal them?
I suggest lobotomy to both of them.
But my mom thinks love and attention will be enough.
And I feel trapped in Shutter Island.
No escape, no sanity.

This is my Greek drama.
I should deal it every day.
No place to share because trust is an issue.
No time to stop cause life is still going on,
Even in Shutter Island.

I live in institution.
Don’t know how to survive.
I’ll be the next patient.
No escape, my friend.
Don’t know anymore which fantasy, which reality.
Oh, my Greek drama…
Someone please says “fin”.

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