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Jumat, 05 November 2010

Raikkonen-Villeneuve Tidak Kembali ke F1

Setelah beberapa waktu lamanya beredar rumor bahwa tahun depan Kimi Raikkonen akan kembali membalap di Formula One, kini rumor tersebut dipatahkan oleh pernyataan Steve Robertson (manager Kimi) berikut ini:
“We're no longer looking at chances for returning to F1. Kimi seems to be focused on rallying at the moment…never say never, but right now our eyes are not on F1.”

Kimi juga menambahkan, “I enjoy rallying and I want to carry on, but we have to find a solution. Hopefully we can sort out the situation soon. But there are no guarantees. We’re talking to lots of different people. There are some good possibilities. It’s not something I’m worried about.”

Jelas sudah, tahun depan Kimi Raikkonen tidak akan berada di lintasan Formula One. Begitu pula dengan Jacques Villeneuve yang sebelumnya menyatakan keinginannya untuk kembali membalap di F1. Jacques kini  memilih untuk fokus membalap di NASCAR. Berikut pernyatan Jacques:
"It looks quite dim right now. We worked hard on it this year, to come back and build a team. That was the easiest way. But then it didn't work out, so I think it's time to not bother looking at F1 anymore. We had the budget to build a team and you can only hang on to that for a certain time, and then people get bored and move on to something else. It was a lot of work and we concentrated only on that. All the other stuff we're doing took to the backburner, like NASCAR. I think it's time to just focus on one thing. I've been working mainly on NASCAR, doing a few races, and it's been fun. Mostly on the road courses. They're fun cars. Last week I was in Australia doing a V8 race and that was interesting, but right now my focus is on NASCAR."

Baik penggemar Kimi maupun Jacques sepertinya harus menunggu lebih lama untuk melihat pebalap kesayangan mereka kembali membalap di Formula One.

3 komentar:

rezKY p-RA-tama mengatakan...

lama gak ngikutin f1 aku

malaysia luxury hotels mengatakan...

mm u are like F1, I like too reading F1 too

Selvia Lusman mengatakan...

@rezky: Thx atas kunjungannya. Saya juga lama ngga ngikutin F1 lagi sejak Kimi pindah ke WRC. @malaysia luxury hotels: Thx for ur visit. I used to like F1 too, but now I learn to like WRC since Kimi Raikkonen take sabbatical and moved to WRC.