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Jumat, 26 November 2010

Kimi di Rally Great Britain

Seri kali ini adalah seri penutup yang mengakhiri musim balap tahun ini. Di hari pertama setelah melewati 11 stage, Kimi Raikkonen sempat berada di posisi ke-9 dengan selisih waktu tertinggal +6m28.9s. Di hari pertama Kimi berada pada posisi ke-10 dengan catatan waktu 1:20.01.7. Setelah SS16 Kimi naik ke posisi ke-8 dengan catatan waktu 2:40:54.9. Di hari terakhir Kimi finish di posisi ke-8 dengan selisih waktu +10mins 27.9secs dan berhak atas tambahan 4 poin sehingga ia berada di tempat ke-10 klasemen pebalap dengan 25 poin.

Berikut komentar Kimi atas balapannya di Rally Great Britain:
The first day of the rally on Friday was a little bit of a shock, because while I expected it to be difficult, I didn’t expect it to be that difficult. I thought that it might be because of the rain but today was a lot drier and it was still slippery. So it must be just how these roads are. I think the biggest difficulty is that the amount of grip that there is doesn’t really match up to the amount of grip that you think there is. So you might see a corner that you think looks OK, but in actual fact it’s like driving on a road made of banana skins. On the other hand, you might then see a corner that looks like a skating rink, but then when you get there the grip is actually OK.So how do you tell the difference? If I knew that, I suppose I would be leading the rally... But for me it was always going to be a question of learning step by step. 

We started the day 10th and ended it eighth, which is always good. Sure, some of that is because Ogier went off. But the fact is that he made a mistake and we didn’t, which shows that we are learning. It wasn’t a completely perfect day. We had a broken front-left spring in the morning, which cost us a bit of time, and then in the evening our light pod wasn’t perfectly adjusted. But these were just small things, and in rallying you have to learn how to drive around problems. So that’s what we tried to do.

It's been a really good rally and it's nice to end my first season in the World RallyChampionship with a points finish. This has definitely been the most challenging year of my career and Britain was one of the most difficult rallies that I competed on, mostly because of the grip changing all the time. The roads were really slippery, but it's always been a question of trying to work out exactly how slippery they are. Like everything else, this has been a completely new experience for me. Looking back on it, this season has been more or less as I expected it to be: we've made a few mistakes but we've also learned a lot. The stages in Wales are really nice, but as always you need experience to be really quick on them. Generally speaking I'm happy with the progress we've made on this rally and I've had a lot of fun as well, so I'm very grateful to Red Bull and Citroen Racing for all the opportunities that we've enjoyed this year.

* Quotes of Kimi Raikkonen taken from WRC and Crash.

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