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Rabu, 17 November 2010

Kimi at Citroen Junior

Source: Crash & WRC

Rally Sweden (12-14 Pebuary 2010 )
Kimi Raikkonen (30, +38mins 37.2secs)
“We've made progress during this event. It was important for our experience to finish this first rally of our WRC season. We lost a bit of time with the snowbanks but the main thing was to get through all the special stages. We always knew that Sweden was never going to be an easy rally for us to start the season with. But now we are able to prepare for the next event.I haven't driven the Citroen C4 WRC on gravel yet, but I hope that we can be more consistent in Mexico.”

Rally Mexico (5-7 March 2010 )
Kimi Raikkonen (Ret, SS7. Rolled)
"It was very unlucky: the car just slid wide at the end of the stage in a slippery braking area, so we clipped the side of the road and rolled a few times. I had hoped for some good things from this rally, but it was only my seventh event and I am still learning. It's normal that when you are learning anything you can get caught out by something unexpected and this is what happened to me today. My biggest disappointment is that we're not able to continue, as I wanted to have as much time in the car as I could. I had a really good feeling earlier and I wanted to push to see what we could do. I'm sure we will come back stronger at our next event, and while today was disappointing, I'm really enjoying my rally adventure with Red Bull."

Jordan Rally (1-3 April 2010 )
Kimi Raikkonen (8, +12mins 31.0secs)
"From the beginning my goal was to get to the end of the rally and I'm really pleased that we've been able to do that even though the conditions were difficult. As the stages went on I've learned more and more, and my confidence has grown bigger as well. We came to Jordan with very little experience of the car on gravel and now we've practically doubled it. I'm getting to know the car better now, but the important thing as well is that I've really enjoyed these three days. We're making progress, which is why we are here, and hopefully this will continue on the next round in Turkey."

Rally of Turkey (16-18 April 2010 )
Kimi Raikkonen (5, +06mins 44.3secs)
"I'm really pleased with the way it's gone. There was nothing particularly special; we just paid good attention to the pace notes and made sure that we made no mistakes. The stages were really tough, particularly on the last day when it was very muddy: it felt like driving on ice. I'm learning all the time though and that's a really nice feeling: a bit like my early days of circuit racing. I am feeling more and more confident with the Citroen C4 WRC and I was very happy with the pace that we are able to maintain without taking any risks. We were able to get closer to the drivers who are in front of us, which is our key objective. The hard work we have done with the team is now paying off. We've got a few weeks now before our next rally [as I am not doing Rally New Zealand] but our goal remains unchanged: we will have to continue to improve."

Rally de Portugal (28-30 May 2010 )
Kimi Raikkonen (10, +11mins 34.3secs)
"It's been a really tough weekend, but this is all part of the learning process. The other drivers have been here for the past three years so it's hard to be on their pace. My only objective though was to finish the rally and gain more experience, so we have fulfilled our goal here. The last day was particularly difficult, as the handling of the car did not feel right, so we decided to play it safe. Then we hit something on the side of the road just after the start of the first stage in the afternoon. We cut a corner and the car went onto two wheels. We risked rolling, but the car landed back on its wheels and we picked up a puncture. After that, I just wanted to be sure of making the finish. There was nothing more to gain apart from another points finish. Overall I've really enjoyed the experience of driving here: this was actually the first time I have ever been to Portugal and it is a really nice country, with very friendly people."

Rally Bulgaria (9-11 July 2010 )
Kimi Raikkonen (11, +14mins 06.4secs. SS4. Crashed)
"It was just one of those things. I'm here to learn, and sometimes you learn the hard way.Before then though, I'd been having a really good time and we were pushing hard: in fact we were fastest on the first two split times. Then unfortunately we went off: this can happen when you're trying. I really hope that the team can fix the car and that we can be back again tomorrow, as we need the experience and hopefully we can keep on pushing and set some quick times.

Rally Finland (29-31 July 2010)
Kimi Raikkonen (25, +23mins 15.3secs)
"We arrived a bit too quickly into a corner at the start of the stage. he car slid towards the outside and became stuck in a ditch. It was unfortunately a place where there were no spectators nearby. Several eventually came running to help get us out. [But] we had to change a wheel in order to complete the stage and the front bumper was also broken. It was an extremely difficult rally. We were a bit unlucky this morning but it is all part of the learning process. During the first day we tried not to take too many risks to be sure of making the finish, then we just got caught out on a slippery corner at the beginning of day two. With only two days in the rally this year there's not so much chance to make up the time lost, so from then on it was a question of getting to the finish. We were able to make a lot of progress with the pace notes, which was useful, and have more kilometres behind the wheel of the car, which is the most important thing. Of course I'm a bit disappointed as there was no real motivation today but in the end getting to the finish was the main aim. It's all about the experience."

Rally Deutschland (20-22 August 2010)
Kimi Raikkonen (7, +08mins 50.5secs)
"We want to build up the basic knowledge of how to be a rally driver. Some people might think it's easy to go from Formula One to an asphalt rally, but it's completely different: apart from maybe the superspecial stage, which is more like a racing track! The surfaces are changing all the time and that's one of the most difficult things to get used to, along with the pace notes and all the different corners. But generally it's been another very positive experience, and it was nice to win a stage as well."

Rally Japan (10-12 September 2010)
Kimi Raikkonen (Ret, SS19. Spun off)
"After steering clear of mistakes for so long, it's really disappointing that such a small thing caused us to retire. I just didn't quite understand the note, so we were a bit too quick into the corner. I tried to get the car back but unfortunately there was nothing to do and we went off. If there had been some spectators around then we would have had no problem to get back onto the road but it was in a place where nobody was there so unfortunately that's it. We learned a lot though and now we've got two asphalt rallies coming up, so we're going to be trying our best to come away with a good result."

Rallye de France (1-3 October 2010)
Kimi Raikkonen (Ret., SS15. Accident)
“I don't think we’re going to learn much more under these conditions, so the sensible decision is to save the car for the Catalunya Rally, which I'm really looking forward to. I don’t want to risk going off again. In some places, you could hardly see the asphalt here with all the mud and gravel on the road. The car did not sustain any damage during either of our two incidents yesterday, but obviously when you are running so far down the order you don’t have exactly the same motivation and that makes things quite difficult. We still learned a lot though and it has been really useful to have had this experience.”

Rally de Espana (22-24 October 2010)
Kimi Raikkonen (Did Not Start, Accident at pre-event shakedown)
"It was just one of those stupid things that happens sometimes. I just touched the bank and the car rolled. It's the sort of thing that, if you're lucky, you get away with it, but, on this occasion, there was something that damaged the roll cage on [co-driver] Kaj [Lindstrom]'s side of the car. We can't restart so that's the end of that. It's a pity as I think it was a rally that might have suited us, but now we'll never know. I'm obviously disappointed, but I've been around motorsport for long enough to know that disappointments are part of the game sometimes - it's how you deal with them that matters. Now I'm just looking forward to our next event and I'm going to concentrate on the future. That's always more interesting than the past."

Wales Rally GB (11-14 November 2010)
Kimi Raikkonen (8, +10mins 27.9secs)
"It's been a really good rally and it's nice to end my first season in the World RallyChampionship with a points finish. This has definitely been the most challenging year of my career and Britain was one of the most difficult rallies that I competed on, mostly because of the grip changing all the time. The roads were really slippery, but it's always been a question of trying to work out exactly how slippery they are. Like everything else, this has been a completely new experience for me. Looking back on it, this season has been more or less as I expected it to be: we've made a few mistakes but we've also learned a lot. The stages in Wales are really nice, but as always you need experience to be really quick on them. Generally speaking I'm happy with the progress we've made on this rally and I've had a lot of fun as well, so I'm very grateful to Red Bull and Citroen Racing for all the opportunities that we've enjoyed this year." 

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