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Kamis, 16 September 2010

Thomas Rickman dan Tuesdays with Morrie

Tuesdays with Morrie adalah sebuah film televisi yang dirilis pada tahun 1999 dan diadaptasi dari novel laris karangan Mitch Albom dengan judul yang sama. Naskah film ini dikerjakan oleh Thomas Rickman; bercerita tentang Mitch Albom (Hank Azaria) yang menenggelamkan dirinya dalam pekerjaan setelah kematian Mike, pamannya yang jarak usianya tidak terpaut jauh dengan Mitch. Mike meninggal karena kanker. Sejak saat itu Mitch merasa takut kehilangan lagi orang yang dicintainya. Hal ini juga membuat Mitch terus menunda untuk menikahi kekasihnya, Janine (Wendy Moniz). Saat Mitch tak sengaja melihat berita tentang eks dosennya, Morrie Schwartz (Jack Lemmon) di televisi yang diberitakan tengah sekarat karena penyakit ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), Mitch pun tergerak untuk mengunjungi Morrie. Kunjungan Mitch pun berubah menjadi kunjungan rutin. Mitch mengunjungi Morrie setiap hari Selasa dan merekam pembicaraan mereka dengan tape recorder. Lewat percakapannya dengan Morrie, Mitch pun memberanikan diri untuk membawa hubungannya dengan Janine setapak lebih maju. Mitch juga mengenalkan Janine pada Morrie. Sayangnya Morrie tidak memiliki banyak waktu karena penyakit yang menggerogotinya. Morrie meninggal dan dimakamkan pada hari Selasa.

Saya hanya menonton film ini sebanyak satu kali secara kebetulan di televisi. Saya bahkan tidak ingat statiun televisi lokal yang mana yang telah menayangkan film ini. Meski begitu saya sangat terkesan dengan dialog di dalam film ini. Berikut adalah beberapa di antaranya yang menurut saya sangat menyentuh:

Morrie: You know anything about this disease that I've got here? This Lou Gehrig's disease? It melts ya like a candle, you know? In my case, from the bottom up. [Straining] My legs... went first. Hands will be next... and eventually it'll get the whole body. But you know what I dread? Someday soon somebody's gonna have to wipe my ass for me. But... I'm a lucky man.
Mitch: You're lucky?
Morrie: Yeah. I've still got time to learn... time to say good bye to the people I love... and time to teach my final course.
Mitch: About dying?
Morrie: Not about dying! About living! When you know how to die... you know how to live.

Morrie: Now listen, you've all said such beautiful things. Believe it or not, now I want to talk.
Family & friends: Oh. [Laughs]
Morrie: All I have is a voice.
Morrie’s child: We know, Dad. We know.
Morrie: That's That's not me. That's from W.H. Auden, my favorite poet.
Morrie’s child: We know that too, Dad.
Morrie: Oh, okay. "All I have is a voice... to undo the folded lie... the lie of authority... whose buildings grope the sky. No one exists alone. Hunger allows no choice to the citizen or police. We must love one another... or die. We must... Iove one another... or die. Thank you.
[All Sobbing]

Morrie: All the heavy stuff... death, love, marriage, family. Oh, all of the stuff that you're scared of. Huh. Things I want to hear you talk about. And you're scared of. Why be ashamed? Everybody's afraid of those things. Add fear to the list.
Mitch: You don't seem to be scared.
Morrie: I told you, I have my early morning moments. Did you ever know anybody who was dying?
Mitch: Yeah, I had an uncle. Mike. He was young. He was more of a brother, really. Testing, testing. [Clears Throat] Mike taught me football, taught me music, taught me how to drive. [Chuckles] We used to drive around this empty lot for hours. Yeah, he was when he died. Cancer.
Morrie: And you never talked about it?
Mitch: We did what people do, you know? We pretended nothing was wrong.
Morrie: Hmm.
Mitch: That's actually when I gave up music, when Mike died.

Morrie: My father was afraid of love. He couldn't give it, and he couldn't receive it either. Maybe that's worse.
Mitch: Morrie, we should stop.
Morrie: Not letting ourselves be loved... because we're too afraid of giving ourselves to someone we might lose.

Morrie: If we accept the fact that we can die at any time, we'd lead our lives differently.

Morrie: Life pulling you back and forth like a rubber band. Pull you one way, you think that's what you want to do. Pull you another way, you think that's what you have to do.
Mitch: Sounds like a wrestling match.
Morrie: You could describe life that way.
Mitch: So, who wins?
Morrie: Love. Love always wins. You don't believe that?
Mitch: I don't know. Maybe I don't. I mean, have you looked at the news lately? Love's not exactly racking up the gold medals out there.
Morrie: Maybe the game isn't over yet.

Morrie: See, there's this little wave. And he's out there bobbing up and down and havin'a grand old time. You know, just enjoying the sunshine and the wind... Right. Until he see... Until he sees the other waves. Yeah. He sees the other waves crashing into the shore, so he gets scared. And another wave sees him and... He's like, Oh, my God. Look at what's gonna happen to me.
Mitch: Does he do this to you?
Morrie: I'm tryin' to tell a story here.
Mitch: Sorry.
Morrie: And another wave says to him, "Why do you look so sad?" And the little waves says,"Because we're gonna crash. All us waves are gonna be nothin: Don't ya understand?" And the other wave says, "You don't understand. You're not a wave. You're part of the ocean." Part... of the ocean.

Morrie: I told you there'd be tears.[Chuckles] Mitch doesn't believe in tears. I'll get to him someday.

Morrie: When we're infants, we need others to survive. When we're dying, we need others to survive. But here's the secret. In between, we need others even more. We must love one another or die.

Morrie: Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.

Mitch: What are you thinking about?
Morrie: I was thinking about regrets.
Mitch: What do you have to regret?
Morrie:[Laughs] So much. Pride, vanity, hardness of heart.
Mitch: When were you ever hard hearted? I had a strange dream. I saw my father... under a tree... He was reading his paper, as usual. You know how my father died? I think he was scared to death.
Mitch: How?
Morrie: Well, it was after I was grown up. One night he was walking and readinghis paper, like he always did. Some muggers pulled a gun on him.
He threw his wallet down and ran. Now, he had seen terrible things in his life. Why was he so scared that night? He ran until his heart gave out. I got a call from the police. Come down to the morgue... and identify him. I looked at my father. I didn't even cry. I've got tears for everything nowadays. But I couldn't cry for him. I couldn't forgive him. Not then.
Mitch: But you did.
Morrie: Yes, too late. First, I had to understand and forgive myself. All those years that I shut my heart to him. Why couldn't I stop and see what was in his?[Sighs]God, that poor man... was scared most of his life. I was selfish. I thought of nothing but how I needed him. Oh, God, the waste of it all! I... Forgive everybody everything! Now! Don't wait! Not everybody has the time that I'm getting. [Labored Breathing] I won't die like he did.[Laughs] I'll be surrounded by love... of my family, my friends. At peace. Yes, the tension of opposites. We learn from what hurts us... as much as whatloves us, you know?

Mitch: That poem you're always quoting, "We have to love one another or die"? We die anyway, don't we? We learn to love somebody and they die, or or we die or it dies. What's the point? Wha... What do we learn really from all that suffering?
Morrie: Hold.[Sniffles]I'm sorry.
Mitch: I just can't accept it. I don't want you to die. I guess I flunked the course, huh?
Morrie: Death ends a life, not a relationship. Poor Mitch, you still don't know how to say good bye, do you? Look at me. [Sighs] Don't you understand? You touched me.What if you hadn't come back to see me? Huh? This is the way we say good bye. Love you.
Mitch: [Shudders] I love you too, Coach.
Morrie: I know. You wanna know something else? You always will.
Mitch: I'm gonna come back next Tuesday, okay?
Morrie: Yeah.
Mitch: I'm gonna bring, Janine with me, okay, next Tuesday.
Morrie: Yeah.
[Weeping] Of course, next Tuesday. We're Tuesday people.
[Mitch Weeping]

[Mitch] Morrie died on a Saturday morning. [Phone Ringing] We got the call that afternoon. Hello? Oh.

He had died peacefully and simply, with all his family around him. Just the way he wanted it. Charlotte kept it small, just family and friends... all the ones he would've taken dancing on his perfect day. Of course, there was poetry. "When he shall die take him and cut him out in little stars. And he will make the face ofheaven so fine... that all the world will be in love with night... and worship not the garish sun. "

When I'm dead, you talk. I'll listen. It wasn't that hard to hear his voice. It was Tuesday. Have you ever had a special teacher? One who taught you things you may not understand, but who never gives up? Who knows the really tough lessons take a lifetime to learn? The last class of my old professor's life took place once a week on Tuesdays. The subject was the meaning o flife. The teaching goes on.

Thomas Rickman
Thomas Rickman, juga dikenal sebagai Tom Rickman lahir dan dibesarkan di Sharpe. Ia ingin menjadi seorang penulis seperti Flannery O'Connor, William Faulkner dan Mark Twain. Rickman meninggalkan kota kelahirannya dan bergabung dengan korps marinir Amerika Serikat. Ia lalu belajar di Murray Stage College dan melanjutkan pasca sarjananya di University of Illinois dan di AFI. Rickman menulis dan menyutradarai What Fixed Me yang memenangkan penghargaan di New York Film Festival dan The National Student Film Festival.

Karir Rickman terus menanjak. Ia pernah diminta untuk mengadaptasi autobiografi penyanyi country bernama Loretta Lynn. Ia juga dinominasikan pada ajang Oscar lewat Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) dan pada ajang Emmy (1995) lewat Truman, sebuah drama televisi yang diadaptasi dari tulisan David McCullough yang memenangkan pulitzer. Rickman menggarap naskah film Tuesdays with Morrie yang dirilis pada 5 Desember 1999. Baca biografi Thomas Rickman selengkapnya di sini.

* Gambar dipinjam dari sini.

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tontonan yang bagus untuk disaksikan.....

alice in wonderland mengatakan...

Hallo Selv... aku terharu banget baca review-mu, ini bukan kieah nyata ya? aku seneng banget dengan kata-kta we had to love each other or die... menurutku hidup emnag hampa tanpa kasih sayang. Dan boleh dibilang aku seperti Mitch yang belum siap kehilangan orang-orang yang aku sayangi^^ ada vcd-nya gak ya?

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@husin: thx sudah bkunjung @alice: dari kisah nyata. biografi morrie bisa dibaca di wikipedia tapi ngga begitu lengkap. vcdnya ngga tau deh ada atau ngga. moga-moga aja ada, jadi bisa ditonton berulangkali. hehe... @genial & rezky: thx sudah bkunjung