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Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010


Peaceful afternoon
Just me and my brunch
I can't finish it

Sit with a glass of coke,
I trace my memories
Live in rush
No moment to reflect
Race with times
Forget to stop

Now here I am
Capture the sounds
The wind, the clock, refrigerator and traffic
Feels so far
Feels so close
Those feelings that already forgotten

A peaceful afternoon
What a revelation

I need stop
I need rest
I need moment
Just for myself

3 komentar:

Fahrizal mengatakan...

nice poetry!
salam kenal ...

Anonim mengatakan...

Keep Fighting Till The End.. :)

Selvia Lusman mengatakan...

@Fahrizal: Thanks @mylitleusagi aka Putri: Thanks buat dukungannya :-)