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Senin, 23 November 2009

Film Favorit Saya (3)

Celine (Julie Delpy) dan Jesse (Ethan Hawke) bertemu di kereta api dalam perjalanan menuju Vienna. Celine yang merasa terganggu dengan pasangan suami-isteri yang tengah bertengkar yang duduk di gerbong yang sama dengan yang ia tempati, terpaksa pindah ke gerbong lain. Di gerbong itu duduk Jesse yang juga merasa terganggu. Karena keasyikan mereka membaca buku terusik dengan pertengkaran pasutri tadi, Celine dan Jesse akhirnya memilih mengobrol. Karena merasa cocok, setelah tiba di stasiun, mereka sepakat menghabiskan satu hari itu bersama sambil menikmati keindahan Vienna. Keesokan harinya Jesse kembali ke Amerika dan Celine kembali ke Perancis.

Di Akhir film, untuk mengetahui apakah mereka berjodoh atau tidak, Celine dan Jesse sepakat bertemu lagi di tempat dan jam yang sama enam bulan kemudian. Begitulah  plot dalam film Before Sunrise. Sebuah plot yang sederhana. Tapi keistimewaan dalam film ini bukan melulu terletak pada plotnya, tapi pada kekuatan dialognya. Setidaknya, seperti itulah pendapat saya. Untuk membuktikan teori saya ini, coba cermati beberapa kutipan dialog dalam film ini:

(Eurail coach car. Man and woman argue in German. Woman slaps man, grabs newspaper)
(Céline looks up from book, disturbed. Moves to another seat, across from Jesse. They glance over at each other)
(German woman leaves car)
(Jesse and Céline look at each other, smile. Céline looks away)
Jesse: Do you have any idea what they were arguing about?
(Céline glances up at him, looks over)
Jesse: Do you - Do you speak English?
Céline: Yeah. No, I'm sorry, my German is not very good.
Céline: Have you ever heard that as couples get older, they lose their ability to hear each other?
Jesse: No.
Céline: Well, supposedly, men lose the ability to hear higher-pitched sounds, and women eventually lose hearing in the low end. I guess they sort of nullify each other, or something.
Jesse: I guess. Nature's way of allowing couples to grow old together without killing each other.
(Céline smiles, small laugh, turns away)
Jesse: Most people, you know, a lot of people talk about the past lives, and things like that, you know, and even if they don't believe in it in some specific way, you know, people have some kind of notion of an eternal soul, right.
Céline: Yeah.
Jesse: Okay. Well, this is my thought. 50,000 years ago, there are not even a million people on the planet. 10,000 years ago, there's like 2,000,000 people on the planet. Now, there's between 5 and 6 billion people on the planet, right? Now, if we all have our own, like, individual, unique soul, right, where do they all come from? Are modern souls only a fraction of the original souls? Because if they are, that represents a 5,000-to-1 split of each soul in just the last 50,000 years, which is like a blip in the earth's time. You know, so, at best, we're like these tiny fractions of people, you know, walking... I mean, is that why we're all so scattered? You know, Is that why we're all so specialized?
Céline: Wait a minute, I'm not sure I ... I don't...
Jesse: Hang on, I know, I know, it's a totally scattered thought, which is kind of why it makes sense.
Céline: Yeah... (unsure, but laughing) I agree with you.
(in park)
Céline: Oh, look, there's a rabbit.
Jesse: Yeah. Hey there, rabbit.
Céline: He's so cute. (sees a cemetery)I visited this as a young teenager. I think it left a bigger impression on me at that time than any of the museums we went to. (they go into the cemetery, and walk through).
Jesse: Yeah? It's tiny.
Céline: I know. There was this little old man that talked to us. He was the grounds keeper. He explained that most of the people are buried here that washed up on the bank of the Danube.
Jesse: How old are these?
Céline: Around the beginning of the century or so. It's called the cemetery of the No Name because the often didn't know who these people were. Maybe a first name, that's all.
Jesse: Why were all the bodies washing up?
Céline: I think some were from accidents, on boats and things like that, but most of them were suicides that jumped in the river. I always liked the idea of all those unknown people lost in the world. When I was a little girl, I thought that if none of your family or friends knew you were dead, then it's like not really being dead. People can invent the best and the worst for you. (She sees a gravestone, and indicates it). Ah, here she is, I think. Yeah, this is, this is the one I remember the most. (Name on gravestone is Elizabeth). She was only 13 when she died. That meant something to me, you know, I was around that age when I first saw this. Hmm. Now, I'm 10 years older, and she's still, 13, I guess. That's funny.
(they leave the cemetery)
Céline: You know, I've been wondering lately. Do you know anyone who's in a happy relationship?
Jesse: Uh, yeah, sure. You know, I know happy couples. But I think they lie to each other.
Céline: Hm. Yeah. People can lead their life as I lie. My grandmother, she was married to this man, and I always thought she had a very simple, uncomplicated love life. But she just confessed to me that she spent her whole life dreaming about another man she was always in love with. She just accepted her fate. It's so sad. And in the same time, I love the idea that she had all those emotions and feelings I never thought she would have had.
Jesse: I guarantee you, it was better that way. If she'd ever got to know him, you know, I'm sure he would have disappointed her eventually.
Céline: How do you know? You don't know them.
Jesse: Yeah, I know, I know. It's just, people have these romantic projections they put on everything. You know. that's not based on any kind of reality.
Céline: Romantic projections?
Jesse: Yeah.
Céline: Oh, Mr. Romantic, up there in the Ferris Wheel 'Oh, kiss me, the sunset, oh, it's so beautiful...'
Jesse: Oh, alright, alright, alright. Tell me about your grandmother. What were you saying about her?
Céline: No! Uh --
(they approach a carousel, and Jesse gets on, Céline stays off)
Jesse: You close with your grandmother?
Céline: Yeah. I think it's because I always... I always have this strange feeling that I am this very old woman laying down about to die. You know, that my life is just her memories, or something.
Jesse: That's so wild. I mean, I always think that I'm still this 13 year old boy, you know who just doesn't really know how to be an adult, pretending to live my life, taking notes for when I'll really have to do it. Kind of like I'm in a dress rehearsal for a Junior High play.
Céline: That's funny. Then, up there in the Ferris wheel, it was like this very old woman kissing this very young boy, right?
Jesse: Hmm. Do you know anything about the Quakers, the Quaker religion?
Céline: No, not much, no.
Jesse: Well, I went to this Quaker wedding once, and it was fantastic. What they do is the couple comes in and they kneel down in front of the whole congregation, and they just stare at each other, and nobody says a word unless they feel that God moves them to speak, or say something. And then after an hour or so, of just, uh, staring at each other, they're married.
Céline: That's beautiful. I like that.
(the two stare at each other for a few moments. Céline turns away, and a few moments later, so does Jesse)
Poet: Hello? (something in German)
Céline: What?
Poet: (Repeats phrase in German)
Céline: Oh, I understand a little bit, but he doesn't, I'm sorry.
Poet: Okay, uh, so, um, may I ask you a question?
Céline: Yeah.
Poet: So, I would like to make a deal with you. I mean, instead of just asking you for money, I will ask you for a word. Yeah, You give me a word, I take the word, and then, and then I will write a poem, with the word inside. And if you like it, I mean, if you like my poem, and you feel it adds something to your life in any way, then you can pay me whatever you feel like. I will write in English, of course.
Céline: Okay.
Jesse: Great, alright.
Poet: So? Pick a word.
(Jesse and Céline look at each other)
Jesse: Ummm...
Céline: A word, uh... milkshake.
Jesse: Milkshake? oh, good. Yeah, was gonna say rooster prick, but great. (turns to poet) Milkshake.
Poet: Milkshake? Okay, milkshake.
Jesse: Yeah, right, so we'll...
Céline: Good.
(poet begins to write)
Jesse: (quietly) What can I say? I like this Viennese variation of a bum.
Céline: I like what he said about adding something to your life, no?
Jesse: Yeah. So, uh, were we having our first fight back there?
Céline: No...
Jesse: Yeah, I think so, I think we were.
Céline: Well, even if we were a little bit, you know. Why does everyone think conflict is so bad. There's a lot of good things coming out of conflict.
Jesse: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. I don't know, you know, I always think that if I could just accept the fact that my life was supposed to be difficult, you know that's what's to be expected, then, I might not get so pissed off about it, and I'd just be glad when something nice happens.
Céline: Maybe that's why I'm still in school, you know. It's easier to have something to fight against.
Jesse: Yeah, well, we've all had such competitiveness engrained in us...
(Poet finishes, and rips sheet from book)
Jesse: ...You know, I could be doing the most nothing thing, you know, I could be, uh, throwing some darts, or shooting some pool, and all of a sudden, I feel it come over me, 'I have got to win'
Céline: Is that why you tried to get me off the train? Competitiveness?
(Poet approaches them)
Jesse: What do you mean?
Poet: Okay. (hands the sheet to them) Look at the poem.
Jesse: (takes poem) Oh, alright. (Opens it up)
Céline: (takes poem from Jesse, offers it back to Poet) Will you read it to us?
Poet: (Takes poem) Sure, okay. (Reads it)

Daydream delusion
Limousine Eyelash
Oh, baby with your pretty face
Drop a tear in my wineglass
Look at those big eyes
See what you mean to me
Sweet cakes and MILKSHAKES (laughs)
I am a delusion angel
I am a fantasy parade
I want you to know what I think
Don't want you to guess anymore
You have no idea where I came from
We have no idea where we're going
Launched in life
Like branches in the river
Flowing downstream
Caught in the current
I'll carry you. You'll carry me
That's how it could be
Don't you know me (poet hands poem back)
Don't you know me by now

Céline: (taking poem) Great. Thanks.
Jesse: Thanks, man (they both reach for coinage to give to the Poet) Uh, Here you go, uh.
Poet: Thanks, thank you.
Céline: Here, thank you.
Poet: Thank you.
Jesse: Yeah, good luck, man.
Poet: Bye.
Jesse/Céline: Bye.
(Céline and Jesse walk away)
Céline: That's wonderful, no?
Jesse: Yeah, yeah.
Céline: What?
Jesse: You know he probably didn't just write that. I mean, you know he wrote it, but he probably just plugs that word in, you know, whatever 'milkshake'...
Céline: What do you mean?
Jesse: Nothing, I love it, it was great.

Saya sudah menonton Before Sunrise setidaknya tiga kali, tapi saya masih menyukai semua dialog dalam film ini, seolah saya baru menontonnya untuk pertama kali. Sembilan tahun kemudian setelah Before Sunrise, sekuel dari film ini yang berjudul Before Sunset pun dibuat; tapi saya baru akan membahasnya nanti di kesempatan berikutnya. Sementara itu, silakan baca dulu script Before Sunrise di sini.

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Fanda mengatakan...

wah lengkap banget kamu nulis ulasannya. Berarti film ini film yg ringan di alur cerita tp berbobot di dialognya ya? Hmm..kind of film that I like. Ntar deh cari DVDnya.

Kita bakal bisa nonton Kimi di WRC ga ya? Moga2 dia beneran come back di 2011. Buat pengobat rindu, aku sering baca2 forum di Banyak yg share cerita2 di balik layar ttg bakat alami Kimi. Banyak yg bilang (semuanya penggemar Kimi tau subyektif ato ga) kalo Kimi tuh lebih hebat dr Schumi dlm hal bakat alami...