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Selasa, 28 Juli 2009



Although saddened by his team-mate Felipe Massa's Hungarian GP accident, Kimi Raikkonen concedes that it is unfortunately part of racing.

Massa was rushed to a Budapest hospital after he was hit on the head at high speed by a spring that had come loose from Rubens Barrichello's car during qualifying. The Ferrari driver underwent emergency surgery on Saturday evening and remains in hospital in a stable condition.

The incident, already described by many as a freak occurrence, has already raised questions about what can be done to make F1 safer for the drivers. But, according to Raikkonen, as long as there are open cockpits there will always be an element of risk involved in F1.

"It's a sad thing that's happened from a very unlucky situation," said the Finn.

"But as long as we race with open cockpits our heads are always the first place that's going to be hit if something is flying around. It is part of racing and we all know that."

"What happened was really unfortunate, but luckily enough he's more or less okay.

"He's probably going to be a hundred percent fine in a little time. We in the team all hope he's going to be fine and come back soon."

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