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Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

Kimi: It's not over, anything can happen


Despite conceding that Brawn GP are the favourites to win this weekend's Turkish GP, Kimi Raikkonen reckons Ferrari can put in a good showing after showing massive signs of improvement in Monaco.

Although Ferrari registered their worst start to a season since 1981, the team's performances have been improving in recent weeks, resulting in their first double points-haul - and first top-three finish - of the campaign at the previous outing in Monaco.

That result, coupled with Ferrari's run of three successive Turkish GP victories, has boosted Raikkonen's confidence heading into this weekend's race in Istanbul.

"Ferrari always went very well at the Turkish GP over the last three years, but this time Brawn GP is the great favourite, because they won five out of the six races so far. We're closing the gap, but we've got to give it our all to get back in the lead," said the 2007 World Champion.

"It was great to be back on the podium at Monaco. The team pushed very hard and it was a very nice reward to have both cars amongst the first four.

"The Monaco weekend was a step forward as far as the result is concerned, but we have to be patient: I know that our fans want to see us winning immediately, but we have to be realistic.

"We're closer, that's for sure, and we'll have some updates in Turkey; but we know that the others work hard too."

As for the bigger picture, Raikkonen has adopted a pragmatic and yet somewhat hopeful approach towards the World title, admitting that while it is difficult to see anyone but Jenson Button winning it, he's still believes Ferrari are in the race.

"Now, almost half way through the season, I'm much more optimistic than I was at the start, especially with the steps we've taken in the last two races. We know that there are further improvements coming up, which makes me think positive about the future," he continued.

"Who wins five out of four races at the start of the season is in an excellent position to winning the title, but the Championship isn't over yet. Everything can happen, although things have to change very soon."

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