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Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

Raikkonen: Big teams make F1


Kimi Raikkonen insists Formula One won't be the same without the big manufactures.

The future of the sport is in doubt after Ferrari failed to gain an injunction against the FIA's proposed rule changes for 2010.

The Italian team have threatened to walk away from F1 if the FIA goes ahead with the implementation of the budget cap.

"For me, first of all, it is not good for F1 on any side to have this sort of thing going on," the Finn said.

"If Ferrari is not in F1 nor any other big team like BMW or McLaren, it is not good for F1. They are the teams that make F1 and if you change the teams for other teams, new teams that come from GP2 or somewhere else, then it is not the same any more.

"I am 100 per cent behind the team and whatever they choose to do, I will go with them. Hopefully everything will get sorted out, but I am not the guy there working closely with them, so you need to ask the team for all the details - and probably also the FIA."

Should Ferrari go through with their threat to quit, then Raikkonen and team-mate Felipe Massa may find themselves taking part in another competition. The Finn, though, is confident the team "will find something" for him to do.

"I am pretty sure that we are not going to disappear from F1," he added. "But I don't know, but I cannot be 100 per cent sure. For sure they will find something to do for me, I will still have a contract with them - and they are racing in many different categories. So, I think they will find something for me."

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