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Selasa, 14 April 2009

Kimi: Ferrari have teething problems


Kimi Raikkonen believes "teething problems" are to blame for Ferrari's worst start to a Formula One season in 17 years.

Both Raikkonen and Felipe Massa failed to finish the season opener in Australia while in Malaysia the Finn finished 14th after being sent out on full wets on a dry track.

"There are many things we've got to get used to. For example the KERS can give much more on this track," Raikkonen wrote in his Ferrari blog.

"At the moment we've still got some teething problems, I could see that by myself in Malaysia. On Friday the cockpit was filled with smoke at the end of P1, while on Sunday water infiltrated the KERS, which lead to the destruction of its insulation and I had to stop. At the start the KERS works really well, as we could see last Sunday.

Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams dominated the opening two races of the season. However, the trio are set to appear before the FIA's Court of Appeal over the designs of their diffusers.

If their diffusers are declared illegal, then their results in Australia and Malaysia could be declared null and void.

Raikkonen says the ruling will have a major impact on this year's World Championship.

"The next race is in China, but a couple of days before FIA's Court of Appeal will decide about the diffuser. This decision will have an enormous impact on the Championship. We need more downforce and we're working very hard on it.

"We still don't have any points after two races and this is a very difficult moment. We've seen other moments like this, but we know how to react and we'll do it already at Shanghai."

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