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Selasa, 14 April 2009

GPDA: Massa joins, now we want Kimi


Felipe Massa has reportedly signed up for the Grand Prix Drivers' Association, with chairman Pedro de la Rosa saying now they want his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen to join.

The GPDA's primary objective is to improve and maintain safety standards for the F1 drivers and is headed up by de la Rosa together with directors Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber. The trio have made it their mission to ensure that all the sport's drivers sign up in order to have a say in what goes on in F1.

Earlier this year reigning World Champion Hamilton joined, while de la Rosa has confirmed that Massa, Adrian Sutil as well as rookie driver Sebastien Buemi have all recently signed up.

"It is important we are all there," de la Rosa told Autosport. "It is great news that Lewis, Felipe and Adrian have come on board, but also that test drivers like Christian Klien are there too, and new drivers like Buemi. It's quite reassuring.

"I admit we were weak last year, especially when Felipe left. But he has come back, and I'm glad he has. I'm really delighted about Lewis being there too."

However, de la Rosa revealed that the GPDA has yet to get Raikkonen to join its ranks. "We wish Kimi was there, as he is one of the top guys, so hopefully he will agree soon too," he said.

"The GPDA is an important organisation. Although the drivers fight each other on the track, we must be able to work together off it to solve problems. I believe the GPDA today is stronger than ever."

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I doubt that Kimi will be joining soon...Cool as always (terlalu cuek buat mikirin asosiasi segala...)