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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2008

2002: 4 Podiums


Australian GP: Winners' press conference
3. Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren), +25.067

Q: Thanks very much. Kimi, welcome to the press conference. Great race, third place on your debut for McLaren, but you had a very strange start to the race. Tell us about your first pit stop: you came in very unplanned. What happened?
Kimi RAIKKONEN: On the start something went under my car, on the front part of my car, and I just didn't have anything to do, it just went straight over the sand and luckily I got the turn around and came back on the circuit and then on this first lap, first corner accident, I got something also behind my back, between the back, and came in and take it away and start from the last place and end up in the third.

Q: Your second pit stop was rather more scheduled and ordinary but you came out and very nearly got in front of the man from Williams, Mr Montoya, but then you went off at the first corner, why was that? You just braked too late?
KR: I went a bit too quick and just went on, unfortunately, maybe lost the second place but that's racing and maybe better luck next time.

Q: Thanks very much, Juan Pablo. Kimi, are you surprised to be on the podium today?
KR: Yeah, for sure, after the start because I think I was on the last place after the couple of laps in the safety car and from there the third place is not bad.

Q: And then, as you mentioned earlier on, you had your long pit stop. What were things like from then?
KR: Before the first pit stop the car was pretty good to drive home and we got quite a lot of vibration on tyres and that makes it more difficult. Then when I came out of the first pit stop I went a bit too quick for the first corner and just ran wide and lost the second place. That's racing and I'm not worried about those things because I am still a bit learning and just need to make a better job next time.

Q: You were way back - admittedly there weren't all that many cars - but you were way back after your first pit stop, the long one, when they were looking for things in the cockpit. Was it easy just carving your way through the field?
KR: Yes, it was quite easy to overtake some cars. Some cars was more difficult and then it was helping me a lot big time because the safety car came out second time and I got behind the leaders and that was the main reason that I catch them, but it was quite a difficult and interesting race.

Q: When you were behind Juan Pablo, was it easy enough to stay there?
KR: Yeah, I tried to save (indistinct) the pit stop that I can run a bit longer and we made one lap but it wasn't enough, but it was quite easy to stay behind him.

Q: So happy with today's position?
KR: Yes.

Q: Could you have taken the fight to Juan Pablo in the closing stages; you seemed to steadily drop back?
KR: No, I don't think so, I was going full speed. Of course the last couple of laps I slowed down because I saw that I don't have any more chance to catch up with him but I think we were doing pretty similar lap times and that's it.

Q: Kimi, your team mate seemed to be struggling with what seem to be a very undriveable car in the early part and you too cut through the grass a few times. What was the trouble with that? Were you finding it difficult to drive the car?
KR: No, not really, I was pushing very hard and that's why I did a couple of mistakes but the car was pretty good, good to drive.

Q: Kimi, what was it that the team had to take out which you had on the back?
KR: I don't know what was there, I think a piece of the front wings or something from the cars that shunted in the first corner.

Q: Kimi, to be honest, is possible for you to fight against the Ferrari for the victory at this point, at this state of the art, because you fight between us, you made a little bit fight with Michael but for some situations and circumstances but then he went alone?
KR: It's difficult right now, especially in this race, for Michael was better also that they start with the old car, they know much more about the set-ups and things and the weather was very difficult to get the set-up right but I'm quite happy how things went in the end. If I look beginning of testing and qualifying, I was much more sad what I'm now so we only can improve things and just looking forward for the next race.

European GP: Winners' press conference
3. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLAREN), 1h35m53.861s (+ 46.435s)

Q: Kimi, are we going to see you on the rostrum more often?
Kimi Raikkonen: Yeah, I hope so. I think I would have been here more often this year but I've had quite a lot of bad luck. I haven't finished too many races. The first race was good on the podium, and this was a good race for us today.

Q: What did you see of the accident between your team-mate David Coulthard and Juan Pablo Montoya at the first turn?
KR: I think Montoya was just defending the line on the inside and David tried to go around the outside and then I don't really know what happened but Montoya got a bit sideways and he hit David and that was the end of the race for them. For me, I was quite lucky. I got past both of them and then I caught up with Ralf. I was trying to overtake him but then the team told me that he was coming in on the same lap so I just stayed behind him and pushed after that.

Q: Kimi, your equal best result in Grand Prix racing but a long way back. What was the problem?
KR: I don't know. It just wasn't quick enough for Ferrari today. The tyres and everything worked well together today and I think our car was pretty good, sometimes a bit difficult to handle in the middle of the race. We were pretty much quicker than Williams. We caught up with them and were able to overtake them, so it was a good race for us.

Q: You had a couple of battles. Was the start lively?
KR: Yeah, I think so. I touched one of the Renaults on the side, just clipped a wheel and then touched him a little bit, and was quite a close call but enough space there.

French GP: Winners' press conference
2. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLAREN), 1h32m10.941s (+ 1.105s)

Q: Kimi, with a few laps to go you were about to win your first Grand Prix. What happened there at the Adelaide hairpin?
Kimi Raikkonen: There were yellow flags but obviously not any flags for the oil or slippery circuit. I think a Toyota or something had blown up their engine or something was there, just oil, and I locked up the front wheel  , the front right and Michael got past.

Q: Talk us through the rest of your race because you obviously had a very good race car here?
KR: Yeah, the car was great, the team was making very good pit stops, everything was working fine. It was just my mistake that we lost the race. It was the most disappointing race of my life but that's the way it goes, and next time I hope we can win.

Q: Kimi, we do feel enormously for you. You say it was your worst race but at the same time it was your best ever finishing position.
KR: Yeah, but it was so close to winning the race for sure it was my worst five laps from the end but those things happen. Anyway, I haven't had much good luck this year. Of course it was my mistake because I saw only the yellow flag and no oil flag. I am still quite disappointed not to win the race.

Q: But do you feel you will sometime?
KR: For sure, I will do my best. You see everything can happen here if you are next time leading the race and I try to do better next time. The team was working well and everything went in the right way, the pit stops were great, there were no problems that we had in the last race. I had a perfect car and just a little mistake and I just finish second.

Q: What about that first lap down at Adelaide. It was pretty lively.
KR: Yeah. I had a small opportunity to try to get second place but I was a bit slow on the straight and Michael got past on the outside and then I just thought it would be better to stay behind both Williams and him and try to keep up with them. Eventually I saw after the first pit stop that we had a really good pace and car, and maybe we can win, and it was close but it never comes before you finish first.

Q: Kimi, when you were leading, how much pressure and tension were you feeling?
KR: I didn't feel much pressure because I saw the gap was not really closing and it was rather getting bigger. Of course, maybe ten laps from the end Michael was catching me a little bit, but I was taking it a bit more easy because I saw I was not getting much pressure from behind and it wasn't really anything to do with the pressure for myself. The mistake came, it was just my mistake, I just locked a wheel on the oil and the lead was gone, but that's life.

Q: Kimi, you have already signed your contract with the team so did it give you more confidence and motivation in the race?
KR: No. Actually, I don't know what is going to happen next year yet. I hope we will know more next weekend in Hockenheim. It was as normal race as any other races this year.

Japanese GP: Winners' press conference
3. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLAREN), 1h27m22.990s (+ 23.292s)

Q: Kimi, did you change your race plan after losing fourth place at the start?
Kimi Raikkonen: Maybe yes a little bit because I was stuck behind him (Ralf) before the pit stop and I was a bit quicker, but he ran longer than me and I was able to pull away.

Q: What happened at the end when you seemed to have some problems and then sped up again just before Ralf pulled out from third place?
KR: Yes, we had some problem and I don't know what it was and I had to slow down on the back straight and then when I came into the chicane and slowed down everything was normal again. Ralf then had some kind of problem with the engine or something and I was a bit lucky. But if I am lucky once a year then it is not a bad thing.

Q: Kimi, when you had that problem on lap 48, you must have really been worrying, given the bad luck you've this year.
KR: Yes, it was a little bit funny when your car suddenly slows down and you don't really know what's going on, but luckily it recovered automatically. Just when I slowed down in the chicane, everything went normal and it was OK.

Q: Were you beginning to think 'oh no, not again?'
KR: Maybe a little bit. I don't really know what was the problem, and it was good that it fixed itself.

Q: After David had had his problem, did they come on the radio and give you different limits?
KR: No, no, I don't even know what happened to David, just that he slowed down, that's all.

Q: Any other problems during the race?
KR: No, not really. I didn't get the best start and Ralf got in front of me and then before the first pit stop I was a bit quicker than him but then he ran longer before his pit stop and pulled away a little bit more. Then I had a moment at the exit of a corner and ran a little bit wide but that was all.

Q: At the start, it seemed that you caught up David and then had to back off, which let Ralf come around you?
KR: Yeah, a little bit, but Ralf had already come up alongside me and then I went inside, but had to back off because David was there and then Ralf came around the outside.

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