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Minggu, 23 November 2008

2005: 12 Podiums


3. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h29m50.594

Q: Kimi, great to see you on the podium, it was an eventful race for you after an eventful qualifying session. Talk us through it.
Kimi RAIKKONEN: We seem to have some difficulties in qualifying, we just don't get the speed out of it, but in race conditions it seems to be okay, especially at the end when I could push because the car felt really easy to drive. But during the race itself I was stuck behind two cars from the start so I just waited and waited until they went into the pits and then tried to go as fast as I could, then I gained some places and then I was behind I think it was Webber in the Williams and I was pushing him and was just catching him. He spun in front of me and then after that I was too far away from the two cars in front so I just came slowly back home.

Q: You had a bit of a moment running over one of the corners and then a bit of a drama with the radio before the pit stops.
Raikkonen: Yeah, I just went over the kerb a little bit and told them I damaged the car but actually it was okay. I asked the team if they could see anything but there was no answer and then when I was looking to come into the pit the second time I started to look at the lap times and so I looked a few times and then the radio didn't work any more so I was close to running out of petrol but luckily I came into the pits and got some more.

Q: Your team-mate Pedro de la Rosa set the fastest lap of the race, so it is looking more promising for you now.
Raikkonen: Yeah, like I said the car is good in the race but we are too far away on that point when the car is good so we need to do something to be on the front row or close to the front and then we can win a race, but when we start from eighth or ninth place that is too far away.

Q: Kimi, first of all a good start it seemed?
Raikkonen: Yeah, nothing really wrong with that. It was a little bit easier because the Red Bull was in front of me so that was good. I think I gained a few places - at least one - so that was good.

Q: You seemed to be having battles with somebody almost all through the race.
Raikkonen: Yeah, I was quicker than the people in front of me but I couldn't get past and the car was not very nice in the middle of the circuit, in the tight corners, but in the last part it was good. And the straight-line speed is there but once we got up to the first pit stop, the car started to handle better and better. I think the race speed is very good once we get started in the race. But the biggest problem right now is qualifying, getting on the front rows, and then we can really challenge the others.

Q: That's going to make the difference.
Raikkonen: Yeah, I think so because we seemed to keep getting fastest laps in the race and the car is consistent, but somehow we just don't get the qualifying sorted. It's nothing new. We have had that same problem last year and the year before so it's something we need to work on, and maybe change something on the car. We are going to get some new parts and hopefully it will improve the situation.

Q: (Andrea Cremonesi - Gazzetta dello Sport) Kimi, you mentioned a problem in qualifying, could you explain what the problem is and is it related to the tyres?
Raikkonen: We just cannot get the best out of the car in qualifying. It's nothing new. Last year I think we had the similar problem and the year before. We are very easy on the tyres in our car, so maybe we don't use them hard enough. In a race pace the car is good, especially when the circuit gets more rubber, the car was really good to drive, but it is just too late. We need to do something to be up there in qualifying and then try to challenge for wins. And I think that this circuit is not the strongest for us. I think our car is very good on high speed circuits, so let's see what we can do now at the other races.

1. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h27m16.830s

Q: Kimi after all the promise, poles and speed, a great and reliable run from start to finish...
Kimi RAIKKONEN: Yes it was very good, the car has been perfect the whole weekend and we knew that we should be pretty strong in the race. From the beginning, I pushed until the pit stop and then I saw I was leading by so much that there was no point really, anymore to put the car under so much pressure so I kept the pace up, but I didn't go full speed and won quite easily. Finally, it happened. Last race was close already. I am very happy for myself and also for the other people who have put so much effort into the car and everybody is working hard and finally we get some results. The test team has done well and everybody is working perfectly. So, hopefully we can now start winning more.

Q: It was a slightly disruptive start with the Safety Car coming out. Talk us through that. And, also, your thoughts in the closing stages bearing in mind your problems this year when the chequered flag approached...
Raikkonen: Of course, you can never be 100 per cent sure until you cross the finish line so there is also something that can happen, but so far, in this race, it was perfect, but I had some small problem on a pit stop when the engine did not run very clean when I tried to pull away and I don't know what it was, but not a major problem and on the start of the race I had already a little gap and then in the third or fourth corner I saw some yellow flags and Safety Car signs and so I slowed down straightaway, but I don't know what happened really because it happened at the back of the field.

Q: And going into this race, a very technical circuit, a lot of debate about how the tyres will perform with these new regulations, your thoughts on that...
Raikkonen: No. The tyres were very good, I think. So, the circuit is not as hard on the tyres as it used to be now they have resurfaced it. I could have done much quicker in the end if I had wanted, but there was no reason to push anymore so I would say the tyres worked very well, they lasted great...

Q: Kimi, just returning to you, what is it about McLaren, Finland and Barcelona? Mika Hakkinen, your countryman, three victories here and now you have got a victory, is something going on?
Raikkonen: Yes, it seems to be a good place for us, for the team and for the Finnish people. But I hope it would have happened already last race because it would have helped us a lot in the championship because, basically, we don't have much to lose any more and we need to win the races and that's the only chance to get back in it. Its going to be difficult, but it's a long season and you never know what is going to happen in a race so we need to do our best and hopefully we can get back there.

Q: Kimi, fantastic pace early on, or throughout the race, can that be translated to all circuits do you feel?
Raikkonen: Yes, we were quick at the last race so I would say we were quicker compared to the other cars here than we were at the last race at Imola, so I would say that we should be okay at every race. Okay, Monaco is a bit special place so it is hard to say before, but I think some of the races, I see no reason why we should be any slower so I am quite hopeful and we are going to get more parts for Monaco and I think at the Nurburgring after that, so hopefully we can improve it still.

Q: Were you fairly confident about reliability in spite of what happened two weeks ago?
Raikkonen: Yes, I think what happened two weeks ago was one of those unfortunate things that hadn't happened before so I was not worried about it, but you never know in racing, anything can happen - you just don't know so before you finish a race you cannot be 100 per cent sure you are going to win or not even if you have a lead like I had so I just try to take care of the car, the tyres and everything and drive easily back to the finish.

Q: Were there any worries at all during the race?
Raikkonen: Yes, a little bit at the first pit stop, when I left there, the engine almost died, but then it started to go before the end of the pit lane and then at the second stop I was very careful about going slow out of the box, but at least I got out of there and I don't really know what was wrong. Some small thing with the engine so I don't think it is a problem when you are on the circuit. But it is just when you are on low throttle so...

Q: Did they tell you to change anything for the next stop?
Raikkonen: Yes basically not to take a quick getaway, but to go slowly away and it should be okay. I was quite careful because I didn't need to worry so it took quite a while but it was better like that.

Q: (Stephane Barbe - L'Equipe) Kimi, apart from the reliability, what are the qualities of your car and what sort of progress would you say you have made since Imola?
Raikkonen: It's always difficult to say from circuit to circuit what has changed. We only know from testing. We have new parts, new engine. All of those together makes a difference. As I said, we are going to get more new things for the car, so I'm pretty hopeful we can improve it even more, but overall the car was perfect everywhere. I cannot really pick up one place where it wasn't strong, even if we were not pushing the engine hard any more in the race. I would say it was really good, one of the best cars I have driven.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat) Kimi, does this change anything in the championship fight?
Raikkonen: Yeah, a little bit. We have more points, more points (laughter) but I would say that we pretty much don't have anything to lose. We really need to win the races and see where we end up. We just need to do the best we can because I don't know how many points we are behind... I think if we had won the last race it would have been a different story, but now there's not much to lose so we just push as hard as we can and hopefully we can come back, because it's a long season and anything can happen. Maybe Renault have some bad races and we have some good ones - you never know, so... let's see what happens.

Q: (Laurentzi Garmendia - Berria) Were you afraid of Michael Schumacher being able to fight back again as he did in the last race?
Raikkonen: Yeah, you never know because at the last race they were quick, but that was a different circuit, different day. You could see already a little bit in testing on Friday and Saturday that they were not exactly as strong as they were in the last race, so I was not worried about that, but you never really can say before you see the race. At Imola, you could see on Friday and Saturday that they already had the pace. Here it wasn't as clear but I was still waiting for them to do something good, but I don't think they had a very good day.

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times Germany) Kimi, could you describe your feeling as you climbed the podium today?
Raikkonen: It's always nice really, especially when you win. But I would say it doesn't change my life much in the end. It's just one win, we need to do it more and it's a nice feeling, but I wouldn't say that it's anything else. You rather win than not finish or finish second, so hopefully we have many of these things coming.

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times Germany) I think the King said something to you as well, because you smiled in answer. Could you tell us what?
Raikkonen: Very well done, I guess. He came to see me before the race already, so it was very nice. He's a nice King. (Laughter)

Q: (Dominic Fugere - Le Journal de Montreal) Kimi, you've said that you had great pace right from the start of the race but your teammate Juan Pablo seemed to have a little bit of a problem keeping up the same pace. Why do you think that is?
Raikkonen: I don't know. You really need to ask him yourself. It's the first race when he's come back after his injury so it's never easy and maybe he didn't find the perfect set-up. When you add all those things together maybe that makes the difference.

Q: (Anthony Rowlinson - Autosport) Question to all three of you: do you think Michael Schumacher can still fight for the Drivers' title this year and Ferrari for the Constructors' title?
Raikkonen: I think so, as much as we can. It's hard to say, but like I've said many times: you never know what's going to happen in races. You need a few bad races for the other guys and the whole table is suddenly different. As long as we do well... I think it's hard to catch Renault if they keep doing what they're doing all the time, so we will see what happens.

1. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h45m15.556s

Q: Kimi, a win from pole on a one-stop strategy, from start to finish. It was a sweet day for you.
Kimi RAIKKONEN: Yeah, it was very nice. Actually, I was a bit worried when the safety car came out because I missed the pit lane because I wasn't sure that the team was saying the safety car was not out even though the boards were there and then just after I came past the pit entry they told me to come in I said 'no, its too late' but they just told me I needed to get a 20-second or something lead before my pit stop. I wasn't sure, so I pushed as hard as I could and about halfway before my pitstop I noticed I would have easily the lead, so I didn't need to go 100 percent, and then just after the pit stop I was just driving around and trying to keep some pace because if you slow down too much with the tyres we have now, when you lose the heat on the tyres it is more difficult so it is not so easy to drive slowly any more. It was a bit difficult in some places but quite easy in the end.

Q: You mentioned that you quite easily pulled out that 20-second lead, it was a devastating pace in the race, just demoralising for your opposition, just talk us through that. When the safety car came in you were just so quick.
Raikkonen: Yeah, it took the first two laps to try to get some heat because the pressure was so low the car was bottoming out all the time and it was not very easy. But I noticed I was pulling away already then I waited until the tyres warmed up and then I went as quickly as I could. That was actually the crucial point of the race and it went well for us. I think the car has been working well all weekend, we had a good tyre choice, the tyres worked pretty well. Looking afterwards at the other cars' tyres I think we were a lot better than the rest. The team did a great job, everything worked well, and I am very happy to be here.

Q: So, what are your emotions and thoughts now you have won the Monaco Grand Prix?
Raikkonen: It is of course a special race. A few years ago I got so close but I couldn't get past Montoya at that time but now finally it happened so I am very happy. It is just the same, you get ten points from this race, but this is a special place and everyone looks in a slightly different way when you win in Monaco. For sure, we will have a good party tonight.

Q: Kimi, it seems you have been pretty confident of this all weekend.
Raikkonen: I think so, after yesterday we were pretty happy how things went, but you don't know what is going to happen in the race, especially in Monaco, there might be someone spun in front of you and you end up in an accident. So many things can go wrong. We had some problems today but nothing major, the safety car, when we missed the pit at that time, but I was quick enough to build the gap so it was not a major problem.

Q: So you would have come in if you had got it right?
Raikkonen: Yeah, but the team got a bit confused and I was shouting a little bit back, you know, what the hell are they doing, but it was I think because they had the safety car boards out but on the computer or somewhere they didn't say the safety was out, so they just told me to pit after the pit lane entry, so they just said, well, it's too late now, so we decided to stay out because we had got many laps to go still and I thought we would be able to pull enough lead before my pit stop.

Q: Now, in those early stages you must have been on very full tanks, the car must have felt pretty heavy.
Raikkonen: Yeah, it was pretty full, but it didn't feel heavy. This morning my lap was not really 100 percent, I wasn't really pushing too much. I think the car was very good yesterday with low fuel and very good today. At the start of the race I tried to look after the rear tyres because we knew there is going to be a major problem if we get any major problem, but in the end the tyres were fine and there were not really any problems at all.

you are going nowhere and Fernando was going nowhere today.
Q: Kimi, this is a victory that is much more important, considering Alonso finished quite a way behind you, in terms of points.
Raikkonen: Yeah, definitely it helps, thanks to the two guys for passing him, because it is difficult to catch anyone on points now because you only get two points less if you finish second, so as long as someone else gets in the middle of us it's always benefiting me. So I think it's looking better now, but it is still a long season and many races, so it's nothing really major. We are getting there and we just need to keep trying to win the races and see what happens.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat) Kimi, when you have a bad result and you are able to get back very quickly, are you able to keep this happy feeling for all time?
Raikkonen: For sure, this night, maybe tomorrow, we see what happens.

Q: What will happen in the Nurburgring? Do you think you will have such an advantage or it's going to be different, considering the track?
Raikkonen: I don't know really. Usually we have been pretty quick at Nurburgring. I like the place, last year we were reasonably okay with the old car, which wasn't very quick anywhere, so I think I'm more confident going there than I was coming here so let's see what happens. But I think we might have a good weekend.

Q: Kimi, McLaren seem to use their tyres in a much better way than Renault. How much confidence does this give you? It must be a strong point in winning races?
Raikkonen: Yeah, it's good for the races usually but here it was hurting a little bit in qualifying maybe, so we couldn't get the best out of the tyres, but here we had the softest tyres of all the cars, so we knew that we were going to be the easiest on the tyres so we could use them. Even Renault had a harder tyre and they ran out of rear tyres completely, whereas my rear tyres were pretty okay, so that definitely helps with the new rules, one set of tyres for the race. But this is good because we can run softer tyres in some places.

Q: Neither McLaren nor Williams were so brilliant last season. Do you think this is the new beginning of a revival, of a new challenge?
Raikkonen: So far, we didn't have a very good start to the season but now everything seems to get better. The car is fast and reliable, the Michelin tyres are working very well, we have a good engine package also and we are improving the car all the time. I think it could be a very good end of the season for us. I am looking forward to every race. I think the car felt quick here, quick in Barcelona, so I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be quick in every race. Let's see what happens, there are too many races to go and there's no point in worrying what happens in the championship. We will just take it race by race and win as much as we can.

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times Deutschland) Kimi, you have won two races in a row now. How much does this give you confidence and how much does it help you in rivalling Alonso?
Raikkonen: Nothing really, it doesn't change my driving at all. We should have won three races but unfortunately we retired from Imola, so that's hurt us in the points a little bit, but that's racing, and we just need to keep working.

Q: (Dieter Rencken - The Citizen) Kimi, after your Spanish victory you said it doesn't change your life. Does this one change your life?
Raikkonen: No, at least, maybe a little. We have good reason to party, but that's all. I wouldn't say people look at you differently because you've won Monaco Grand Prix but in the end you get the same ten points from this race as any other. So it's nice to win this race but in the end it really doesn't make much difference.

1. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h32m09.290s

Q: Kimi, a great drive, qualified seventh, it all changed when the safety car came out just before your second pit stop.
Kimi RAIKKONEN: Yeah, the team called me in on that lap and then just before I came into the pitlane the safety car was out so I was in one way quite lucky that the timing was right. I had a small problem with the car that came on the first pit stop or just after, the steering wheel was turning left all the time, more and more, and I didn't know what was going on with the steering, but at least it lasted. The team did a great job and everything worked well so I am more than happy.

Q: Did that problem persist to the end of the race, even when Michael was pushing you to the end?
Raikkonen: Yeah, the team told me to look after the car because they could see there was a problem but didn't know what it was. I was telling them the steering was too much on the left, it wasn't straight any more, and we were a bit worried but at least everything went well and nothing happened, like in the last race. And the bonus is that Renault did not score so it was a good win for us.

Q: How near the limit were you in the closing stages, then, with Michael behind you?
Raikkonen: In one way I think I was going as quick as I could but I didn't want to push too hard and I was relaxing a bit too much and went straight on the chicane so I tried to go pushing more because otherwise I might end up somewhere in the wall. Sometimes it happens when you are not putting in 100 percent, so I thought it was safer to go fast.

Q: And what about the other mechanical parts of the car, brakes, engine?
Raikkonen: Everything worked well, the brakes were superb, no problems at all, we had new brakes for this race and they were perfect, so thanks for them. And the engine was also very good.

Q: Kimi, just returning to you, the US Grand Prix at Indianapolis just a week away, great momentum now for you with neither Renault finishing the race, and that looks good for you in terms of qualifying as well at Indy.
Raikkonen: Yeah, it is going to help us there. I think Indy should suit our car better than this place so I think we should be stronger there than here. I think we were pretty strong in the race anyhow here and hopefully we can get both cars to the finish at the next race and try to catch up more on the Renaults, that would be good.

Q: Kimi, after what happened last weekend this must be especially sweet.
Raikkonen: Yeah, it was very good, I think so. At one point we were a bit lucky maybe to win today, but it doesn't matter because we were a bit unlucky in the last race, so it made something back. I am more than happy to win and we got those ten points back on Renault that we lost at the last race and we are firmly back in the championship, back and fighting again.

Q: What about the early stages, fifth place, did you feel you were in contention for winning then?
Raikkonen: I think so. We had a fast car but then I had a small problem with the steering wheel turning left and it was getting more and more all the time and it wasn't straight in a straight line any more, so I asked the team what was going on and they said they could see the problem but didn't know what it was, so they asked me to look over the car a bit, but I was really wanting to win the race and pushed as hard as I could and in the end it paid off.

Q: Just at the end there, when you were being chased by Michael, suddenly your lead halved from 2.4 seconds to 1.3. What happened there, do you remember?
Raikkonen: Ha, ha. No, I went through the first chicane, I went a bit too quick, maybe I was looking at something else. I went through the grass and lost some time but at least I had enough time to come back and it didn't cost me too much.

Q: And what happened in the pitlane at the end of the race. Why did you stop there?
Raikkonen: I don't know. I thought we were stopping earlier so switched the engine off and then they showed me to go straight on. The first time I am here on the podium, so I didn't really know!

Q: (Dan Knutson - National Speed Sport News) Could you please comment on the atmosphere at Indy and the enthusiasm of the fans there please?
Raikkonen: I'm not at Ferrari, so I cannot answer that. I think we will see how it is, it's so difficult to say beforehand, but I think last year there were already more people than before so I think it's going to pick up every year, more and more people are coming and getting more interested, so I think it's going to be OK.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat) Kimi, how was your fight with your teammate, as long as it lasted?
Raikkonen: I must say that he was a little bit quicker than me at some points in the race. I had that problem so I didn't know how much it cost, really. But in the end, it doesn't make any difference. I won the race, so that is the main point. I came here to try to get the 10 points and I got them so that is all that counts.

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times Deutschland) Kimi, you pitted on the same lap as Fernando, which showed that your qualifying performance was not so good. What position did you think was possible today?
Raikkonen: I thought that everything is possible. This race is very hard for the cars, for the brakes, everything is always on the limit here. We knew that we have a good race car so we just went into the race and thought that we were going to finish on the podium and try to win if possible, and that is what happened, so I am more than happy for that.

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times Deutschland) You already said Indy should be very good for you. But from the championship point of view, what do you think? How confident are you going to Indy?
Raikkonen: I think Indy will suit our car better than this circuit. This has not been our strongest circuit ever. Indianapolis has usually been good, they have won there in the past, I came second, so it should be much better for us than here.

Q: (Bill Beacon - The Canadian Press) Kimi, when did the problem with the steering start? Did it last the whole race? And how did you deal with it?
Raikkonen: It started at some point just before the first pitstop or afterwards, I'm not 100 percent sure. I couldn't do anything. I just drove as fast as I could. The steering wheel just turned left when it was in a straight line, just all the time left so they just told me that it was a problem that they could see on the data, but they didn't know what it was, so they were a bit worried that something would break but everything went well and they will tell me afterwards what it was.

Q: (Niki Takeda - Formula PA) Kimi, with the problem that you were experiencing, what was going through you mind when you started your last lap?
Raikkonen: Nothing. That I am not going to let Michael past and just pushed the last lap. I was not worried at all because this time it had lasted so long that I knew I should be okay. I don't usually worry about those sort of things. If it breaks, it breaks.

2. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h31m34.038s

Q: Kimi, obviously starting 13th after the engine problem on Friday but a great drive on a two-stop strategy. During the first phase of the race, you were right in touch with what was effectively the second place group with that heavy fuel load.
Kimi RAIKKONEN: Yeah. It's a bit disappointing really, what happened on Friday. It really destroyed our weekend completely, in that we wanted to win here. OK, second place is quite good for us. We only dropped two points so it didn't cost too much, but of course I want to win races and we have definitely got the speed here also. I think we stopped quite a bit later than most of the front runners, so let's say that in circumstances we did a good job but it's still disappointing to only finish second.

Q: Prior to your second stop, prior to Fernando's third stop you were twelve seconds behind him. Was there any thought that maybe things could get closer? What were your in and out laps like from your second pit stop?
Raikkonen: They were OK but there was quite a lot of traffic also and some people were racing against each other for points positions so it's not so easy to get past them. If there is one slower car they always let you past easier but when there are two guys fighting for position it takes time and it's going to cost you. We were a bit too far away but from where we started I think it was a good result for us and at least we have a good qualifying position for the next race and we're going to try to win the British Grand Prix.

Q: Kimi, that's got to be good news for you if they're worried about it?
Raikkonen: Yeah. I think Silverstone is usually good for us. We did one test there already this year and we were pretty quick, so I think we will have a good week as long as we don't have any problems with the car.

Q: What about the early laps here, they must have been fairly lively.
Raikkonen: The start itself was not exactly the best one, but then I got around quite a few people in the first few corners and I was just following people and waiting for them to start stopping and then I pushed as hard as I could, but I was too far away from Alonso already at that point so really second place was the maximum. So if you look at it in one way, it was quite disappointing because without the penalty I think we could have been in a pretty strong position. But we only dropped two points, so it's not a disaster. OK, it's not helping but we just carry on fighting. I think we have a good package so we are going to go to the next race and try to win it.

Q: Just to go back to the early laps, you even overtook Jacques Villeneuve quite easily.
Raikkonen: Yeah, the car was good all the way through the race. I think I passed two cars on the back straight, braking into the hairpin, so that was quite nice, but then after that, when everything settled down after a few laps, the car became more difficult so I was not able to pass anyone any more, but then during the pit stops I got past the rest of them.

Q: Even in spite of second, the overriding emotion seems to be disappointment?
Raikkonen: Yeah for sure, because with that penalty I think we could have won the race. At least we would have been in a strong position to fight for it. The positive thing is that we only dropped two points and then we are in a good position for qualifying for the next race.

Q: (Pino Allievi - La Gazzetta dello Sport) Kimi, you did a very impressive qualifying in the end, looking at how much fuel you had - do you think at the moment that McLaren is a little bit superior to Renault?
Raikkonen: Yeah, the qualifying was good for us, but unfortunately it didn't help too much for us, but it is very difficult to say really which car is the best one. I think it depends on the circuits. I think Silverstone will be a good place for us, better than here; one where you could say that we have a slightly stronger package but it is very difficult to say really.

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times Germany) Question to Kimi, how big is your hope in the championship now?
Raikkonen: It's getting more difficult race by race, but I think we have a strong package and we just need to go to every race and do our best to try to win or at least score more points than Fernando so it is going to be difficult but we are not going to give up because a few races ago we lost 10 points but then the next race we got back 10 points so things can change very quickly here and well see what happens in the last part of the season.

3. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLAREN), 1h24m44.024s

Q: Kimi, a fantastic drive from you up from the midfield, setting fastest lap on your last lap of the race, trying all the way, but you lost a lot of time behind Michael and Jarno.
Kimi RAIKKONEN: Yes, I think this year the cars are difficult to follow in fast corners. I was quite a bit quicker than they were but I got close at the end of the back straight but I was never able to follow close enough to the fast corners, so I knew it was difficult to get anywhere after that. But at least we have got a podium, it is good result for the team, it could have been better but that is what we got this time.

Q: I suppose you would have liked a few more blue flags for the traffic, what was the traffic like in front of you?
Raikkonen: Sometimes, but I guess there were more important things to do at that time. It's fantastic to go to the marshals or to race control to see everybody.

Q: Just to re-iterate, very bad luck for you having to take that grid penalty because of the engine change, but no doubt about the speed of the McLaren-Mercedes today.
Raikkonen: Yeah. In normal circumstances I think it would have been a bit different results, but, like I said, there is nothing more I can do, I can just try my best and hopefully the team will sort out the rest and move on.

Q: Kimi, in the early stages you were right behind Michael Schumacher and closing up with him at Stowe every lap, but each time he seemed to pull away again on the exit.
Raikkonen: Yeah, I couldn't get any grip when I got close to him, so when I did get very close, the car got very loose and I couldn't follow him so that was the main problem really. It's so hard to follow the cars in high speed corners, so I just couldn't get close enough.

Q: And the car just washed out on one lap - you went wide...
Raikkonen: Yes, quite a few times. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I tried a few times, but then when I did get very close to him it was still very difficult. With these new regulations it's slightly more difficult than it was last year.

Q: Two races running you've got on the podium having taken a ten place hit because of an engine problem. Do you still feel you have a chance in the championship?
Raikkonen: It's getting more difficult race by race, especially with all the problems that I have. Without the problems surely we should have had a better result in the last few races but I don't know, we need to go race by race and do the best that we can, and then we will see at the end of the season what happens. But it's definitely not going in the right direction at the moment.

Q: And that fastest lap on the last lap, was that just sending a message?
Raikkonen: I had nothing else to do, so I pushed a lot. (Laughter)

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times Deutschland) Kimi, how are you feeling towards the team after being penalised in two races?
Raikkonen: It hasn't changed anything. It's not the first time I have been penalised. It's hard sometimes but we win as a team and we lose as a team but of course, everyone needs to do more hard work to make sure that these things don't happen again.

Q: (Bob Bull - BBC Three Counties Radio) The recent FIA survey said that 94 or 96 per cent of the viewers who watch races would like to see more overtaking. But the technical directors said on Friday that to do that they would have to make cars slower. As driver, would you prefer to have the fastest possible cars, or more opportunity to overtake a rival?
Raikkonen: When you compare to the last year, it is developing more difficult to follow people around here than it was last year. So even when they have tried to change the rules they have not exactly worked out because trying to follow someone in the high speed corners is much more difficult.

Q: (Dom Taylor - F1 Racing) Kimi, Ron Dennis said yesterday that he thinks you keep getting better and better, from week to week you are a better racing driver. Do you feel like you're getting better and in what areas particularly do you feel that you're improving the most?
Raikkonen: I would not say you get any better. I have been driving the same way all season and last season, but when you have a good car it is sometimes easier to go quicker. Of course, you get the experience but it doesn't make you any quicker in the car.

Q: ( Livio Oricchio - O Estado de Sao Paulo) Kimi, did the team tell you that Fisichella had a problem in his pit stop?
Raikkonen: Actually I saw it on one of the big screens so I knew something was happening, because he didn't pull away when the guys stopped refuelling. I just was expecting that I was going to be close to him, but then I went through the first corner and I noticed he was just behind me and then the team told me he was just behind me because he had some problems.

1. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h37m25.552s

Q: Kimi, from where you started yesterday in terms of your qualifying, in terms of what happened in Hockenheim, a great result today.
Kimi RAIKKONEN: Yeah, it was good. We did a little gamble yesterday with the fuel loads because we knew we would be penalised a lot starting first and it paid off. I am pretty happy, we had a very good car, I was stuck behind Michael halfway through the race then I had one lap longer and passed him and then we were away and that was it, but it was a bit disappointing for the team because it would have been one-two but anyway I am very happy.

Q: You say you were stuck behind Michael but it was a very impressive show in the early laps, you and Michael out there racing together, how did the cars compare?
Raikkonen: He just always pulled away in the last corner so I couldn't get close to him on the straight line. At the start of the race I was maybe a similar speed but after the first stops I was a bit quicker so I got closer but I couldn't get past. I got close but then some traffic came but it wasn't that bad and luckily we chose different tactics and from that point on there came the difference.

Q: On the second stop you took on much less fuel, was that a decision taken during the race?
Raikkonen: No. We stopped the first time then we changed it to what they thought was the best time to stop the second time. They made a great decision on that.

Q: You set fastest lap on lap 40, just before your team-mate Juan Pablo retired with a driveshaft, I believe. At that point you were seven seconds behind him, did you think the win was there for you if he remained in the race?
Raikkonen: I don't know and nobody will ever know. I had a very good car and after we stopped the last time I knew we had plenty of space and I didn't push, the car could have gone quite a bit quicker still but there was no point risking anything.

Q: Kimi, a big ten-point chunk out of Fernando Alonso's championship lead in this race. What are your thoughts now?
Raikkonen: Yeah, for sure it looks better now than after the last race but it is just unlucky that we always seem to throw away ten points and he gets it then at the next race we get it back. We are just going backwards and forwards all the time, but it definitely looks better again and there are still six races to go and if we can do these kinds of results and maybe something happens to him we can definitely still fight for the championship and that is what we are going to do.

Q: Kimi, the first stint was quite a short one. Obviously you were hoping to get out in front of Michael and it finally happened at the second stop really.
Raikkonen: Yes, we chose a different tactic on Saturday for qualifying because we knew we were going to be penalised a lot in the position that we started.

Q: So it was the second stop that made the difference?
Raikkonen: Yes, we stopped one lap later. We didn't know when they were going to stop so we were waiting and waiting and luckily enough we could go one lap longer and we changed our tactics and then push as hard as we could and make a gap big.

Q: Do you feel you had the quickest car out there - you won the race.
Raikkonen: We won the race, but of course Montoya was unlucky, but I don't know what would have happened and nobody does.

Q: You spent a lot of time behind Michael in those first laps of the race, was there just no way to get by him?
Raikkonen: Yes, pretty much, otherwise I would have tried. I would say that before the first pit stop I was not quick enough even but then up to the second stop, just before I was quicker, but every time I got close he was very quick through the last corner so I couldn't do anything and some places I was catching but it is so narrow here that it is not really possible to overtake.

Q: So this means you still have a bit of a chance in the championship.
Raikkonen: Yes, much better than before the start of this race, so we are going to do the best we can and hopefully we can close the gap in the next two races then push as hard as we can and try to catch them.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat) Kimi, you have your first anniversary today. Was this the best gift you could give to Jenni?
Raikkonen: Yes, I think so. Maybe I could give something else. We'll see what happens this evening.

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times Germany) Kimi, you seem to be really relieved today. Tell me about your feelings, standing up there and seeing your wife and family down there, waiting for you, your Mum and Dad are here as well.
Raikkonen: Yes, of course I was happy, because when we came for this weekend, we knew that it was going to be very difficult to have a good result and we came out with a win, so I'm more than happy, and then it's the best way to go on holiday so why not be happy.

Q: Kimi, did your team ever consider doing four pit stops?
Raikkonen: No, we were considering two or three pit stops. We chose to do three in the end.

Q: (Frank Schneider - Abendzeitung) What will you do for the few days before the next race, holidays or what?
Raikkonen: I don't know yet. We will see what happens but something fun.

Q: (Flavio Vanetti - Corriere della Sera) Kimi, can we consider this victory as a compensation for the bad luck you had in Hockenheim or at the Nurburgring?
Raikkonen: Not really. Of course it always seems to be that when we have a bad race we stop from leading a race and we seem to win the next race and Alonso is giving the ten points back to us. It's the way we're going forwards and backwards, but I wouldn't say that there's any feeling that we've got something back. We worked hard for the win, maybe in one way we were lucky... as a team, we were unlucky anyhow because we should have had two cars in the first two places. We worked hard and we got a good result for it.

1. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h24m34.454s

Q: Kimi, it was also your third start to finish of the year but you didn't actually lead from the pole. Tell us about the start first of all?
Kimi RAIKKONEN: Yeah, I didn't get exactly the best start, I got a bit of wheelspin and then Fisichella got past me and Alonso got alongside me but I was hoping and then on the first lap Fisichella ran wide at the exit of turn nine I think and I got beside him and I didn't pass him because they were much faster on the straight line so I was actually behind both of them braking into turn 12 but then from the middle I could brake later and got the first place.

Q: What were your thoughts at that point in the race, you had to be aggressive, you were out for the win?
Raikkonen: Yeah, I was quite confident that we would have the speed and we would have enough fuel in the car but of course you never know so you have to go for it if you have the chance and not trust your feelings and in the end it paid off well.

Q: In that first stage of the race Fernando was very near you, what was the thinking at McLaren? Did you think they were going to come in earlier than you?
Raikkonen: We thought they would be similar to us but now, afterwards, I think we have been very quick all weekend and we had quite a big advantage on speed so the only place where they could have got us at the start of the race was at the end of the back straight. They seemed a bit quicker there, but as long as I had a big enough gap to hold them back I thought I would be okay and just waited for the pit stop. Luckily enough we could run much longer and that was enough.

Q: And how was the circuit from a physical point of view?
Raikkonen: Not too bad, we had some padding on the headrest and I even didn't try to hold my head on the corner exit because that is a much easier way to make life more difficult if you have a chance to take it easy. Otherwise it was not very hot actually, it was pretty easy.

Q: Kimi, what are your thoughts on the championship? It is two points less now, the gap between you and Fernando. Hard work but a two point margin gained today.
Raikkonen: Yeah, I think we were a bit unlucky as a team. It would have been nice to have a one-two but what can you do? Sometimes it goes on like this. It also would have helped me and the team, but anyhow, two points are two points and they can make a big difference at the end of the season. We did the best we could do and we just need to keep working hard and win more races and see where we end up.

Q: Kimi, that seemed like an almost perfect race.
Raikkonen: Yeah, it was not too difficult. On the first lap there was some action going on but after that it was pretty good. I was pushing as long as I knew we should be safe and then we were looking good for a one-two but it was a bit unlucky. It could have been better for the team but anyhow it is a good result.

Q: There seemed to be fewer mistakes than in practice, what was the grip level like, particularly after the rain this morning?
Raikkonen: It was surprisingly good straight from the start of the race. I was expecting it to be more slippery but it seems that even though it rained a bit it didn't matter and the circuit was getting better all the time during the weekend, so it was very good.

Q: So would that explain why there seemed to be fewer mistakes?
Raikkonen: I don't know, maybe, or maybe people learned from their mistakes.

Q: But for you it was near perfect?
Raikkonen: Yeah, I didn't have any problems really. After the first pit stop we knew that we had a very good position. Of course I had some problems lapping people, maybe more here than anywhere else and I was not too happy with some of the people, but otherwise it was a good race.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat) Kimi, are you surprised to win two races with the same engine? (Laughter)
Raikkonen: No, this has happened before, this year already: in Barcelona and Monaco, so it's nothing surprising.

Q: (Sanna Mattila - Ilta-Sanomat) Kimi, what kind of advice did Mike Tyson give you before the race?
Raikkonen: Nothing. It was nice to see him. No, he just said good luck and that's all.

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times Deutschland) Kimi, thinking about the championship, how is your approach now. Two points is not a lot, how worried are you about that?
Raikkonen: Yeah, it's not perfect but I couldn't do anything more. I did the best I could. There's no way to score any more points if Alonso keeps finishing second so we just need to do the best we can and you never know what happens in the races, so two points are better than nothing.

1. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h30m01.295

Q: Kimi, you were there in the end but it was a difficult day with the conditions and, of course, at one point you were sitting in third behind Ralf Schumacher.
Kimi RaIKKoNEN: Yeah, after the pit stop when the safety car came in we stopped and changed the tyres, put fuel in, so Ralf was quite a bit lighter because he didn't stop so I didn't push at the beginning because the tyres were really bad straight away. So I tried to look after them and then finally when it started to dry out my tyres were in very good condition and I was able to start pushing and I was catching up the rest very quickly and it was good.

Q: You were spectacularly quick when Juan Pablo went in and leading by six seconds when you came out from your pit stop.
Raikkonen: Yeah, it was unfortunate for the team whatever happened in the last few laps because we could have had a one-two and we deserved it. We had a perfect race for the team and we were very unlucky what happened. I was happy with the car and everything how it went but we deserved to have both cars on the podium.

Q: How did you pace the early laps of the race when you were following Juan Pablo?
Raikkonen: We had a decision that we don't want to race against each other too much because there is no point as long as we can pull ahead of the rest and then we see what happens at the end of the race. But I was quicker at one point and then we stopped and he was very quick after the re-start and I couldn't follow them but then I was also trying to look after the tyres and I caught him up in the end. I think it was a different way of driving and maybe a different set-up so it was a slightly different speed at the end of that race.

Q: Kimi, just returning to you for your thoughts on the remaining three races in the championship and the points' gap between you and Fernando. It closed a bit today but still a bit of ground to cover.
Raikkonen: Yeah, if they keep finishing behind us it is not possible to catch them any more but we will fight as long as possible and we will do everything we can as a team to score as many points also for the team. We were very unlucky today because we had a perfect race and everything went well. We didn't need to risk anything and then unfortunately these things happen and take quite a lot of points out of us. But that is racing and we need to try to make it better at the next race.

Q: Kimi, your second consecutive win here. I guess this one was a bit more difficult than last year's?
Raikkonen: Well, last year was not easy either. We started from tenth so we needed to have a fight the whole race and it was similar this year. Of course, we were in a much better position because the team was one and two so we were able to really look after the cars and tyres, so in that way it was easier.

Q: You sounded like you are still fighting for the title but the hopes, perhaps, are not alive now.
Raikkonen: You never know. We will fight as much as we can. It was really unfortunate what happened to Montoya, we really deserved to have one and two and I don't know what happened but it was an unlucky situation for him and the team.

Q: Can you tell us what tyre wear you had all the way through the race?
Raikkonen: At the beginning the car was very good, I was very happy with it and the tyres worked well.

Q: Which ones were you on though?
Raikkonen: Intermediates all the way through. So, they worked perfectly in the wet conditions and the dry conditions. After the pit stop I couldn't keep up with Montoya and Ralf really so I slowed down a bit to try to look after the tyres and then I thought that once the circuit dried up more it would be better that my tyres were in good shape and it paid off because I was very quick from that point on. I caught up with Montoya and I could run two laps longer so it was enough but we were definitely hoping to have a one-two and just before the pit stop I called him and said on the radio that there is no point to try and overtake each other and let's just try to have a good finish. It almost came but it was an unlucky situation for the team.

Q: Because after the last stop you were much, much quicker than him.
Raikkonen: Yeah, but then we were not really racing any more because we didn't need to push each other and we needed to try to look after the car and tyres. Still we were doing good lap times but I don't know what happened to him, I guess someone hit him and it was bad.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat) Kimi, are you desperate, not getting any help from anybody else?
Raikkonen: Of course it would help but like we saw today we were supposed to finish one and two but it didn't happen, nothing to do with us really. I think someone hit Montoya so you cannot really know those things before it happens and of course we were taking it easy at that point. And it always happens to us so it is not good. It would help us if there were other teams taking points out of Renault but they are very consistent and quick also, so it is not so easy.

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times, Germany) Question to Kimi: from the championship point of view things this weekend haven't really changed much. How would you describe this weekend for you; was it just routine or something special?
Raikkonen: I think the last four or five races has not changed much, either I win two points from him, or he gets two points back, so it doesn't go anywhere, we stay on 22 or 24 or something like that. It doesn't help me too much. This weekend has been pretty good, everything went well but of course I would have liked to have been on pole but we knew that we have a good race car so it didn't matter and we were hoping to have a good team finish so that was the aim and I am pretty happy how the weekend went.

Q: (Gaetane Morin - Le Journal du Dimanche) Kimi, is there a priority in the team between the Constructors' championship and the Drivers' one?
Raikkonen: No, we want to win both and that is what we are aiming for. But I think luck is not on our side sometimes but there are still three races to go, so for sure we will try to win at least one of them and hopefully it will happen.

Q: (Juha Paatalo - Financial Times, Germany) Kimi, of course, it's always nice to win but does it spoil the taste of victory when you know that you are 25 points behind?
Raikkonen: Not really. A win is always a win. If it could help us, or it will help is in the championship, maybe not as much we hoped but it still doesn't change the win. All the wins count and that is why we are here, to try to win races and that's what matters.

2. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h29m23.101s

Q: Kimi, an emotional day for you I guess, a strong second place, mathematically it looked as though the win was on for you in terms of how much fuel you were carrying and when you came in for your first stop.
Kimi RAIKKONEN: Yeah, but I wasn't quick enough in the early part of the race and also after the first stop from the beginning I was not quick enough so Montoya always got a little gap and it was enough for him. It was quite difficult today, the car was not the easiest one but at least it was quick still and it is fine, we got a good finish for the team and that is a good thing.

Q: When you said you were not quick enough, did the car feel different from practice or was it perhaps a legacy of the tyre problem after qualifying?
Raikkonen: It was nothing to do with the tyre any more but it was not perfect. All weekend the car has been a bit difficult but like I said it was a good finish for the team and we did the best that we could. We knew winning the drivers' championship was going to be difficult anyhow. It was supposed to happen some day and it happened now, so congratulations to Fernando.

Q: Kimi, you couldn't really do more could you?
Raikkonen: No. I would have done if I could. I was not quick enough to win the race today. We got close but of course we saw the position with Fernando and there was no point to race after that so we took it easy just to finish.

Q: Are you massively disappointed?
Raikkonen: Of course it is disappointing not to be fighting for the championship any more but we realised there were not that many races to go and we needed to have really good luck to win it, so it is not really so disappointing. This is never nice but congratulations to Fernando to win it and he definitely deserved it.

Q: But a one-two today and taking the lead of the constructors' championship, you still have that to fight for.
Raikkonen: Yeah, we will do everything we can do to win that and hopefully next year we will fight for both.

Q: What about when Juan Pablo overtook you after the safety car period?
Raikkonen: It was not planned! I knew that Juan Pablo was quicker than me in the first stint, well, the whole race, and the first opportunity he had to overtake me I knew that I had no chance to fight because it was not a day to risk, today. In Suzuka it will be quite different, for sure.

Q: (Valeria Zukeran - O Estado de Sao Paulo) Kimi, you had many problems in the season, what are your feelings about those problems and what do you intend to do in the next two races and next year?
Raikkonen: We try to win the last two races for the team and try to win the team championship, but there's no point in worrying about the problems we had because it's not going to change anything. It wasn't perfect for me, or for the team but unfortunately those things happen in racing and we will try to minimise them for the future.

Q: (Carlos Miquel Gomez - Diario As) Kimi, what is your opinion of Fernando as a champion? Do you think he's a good champion?
Raikkonen: Like I said already before, he definitely deserves it. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season or before the end of the season deserves it and I don't have anything bad about it. We lost it this year and now we try to win it next year, so for him and for Renault it was a good year.

1. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h29m02.212s

Q: Kimi, a sensational win from you from 17th on the grid, first of all talk us through the first lap, I think a bit of contact with your team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya.
Kimi RAIKKONEN: Yeah, there was quite a lot happening in the first and second corner so I was turning into the second corner and Montoya touched me on the rear wheel a little bit and got sideways and he got past me but luckily enough we didn't damage our cars, so it was alright. The first lap was quite exciting but I ran wide in the chicane and then unfortunately for him he something happened to him and he went off but otherwise it was a good race.

Q: Then some sensational competition and Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher.
Raikkonen: Yeah, I was behind them but unfortunately we had a slight problem with the gearing and seventh gear was a little bit too short and every now and then when I got really close I started to hit the rev limiter so it was very difficult to get past people but in the end the car started to get better and better all the time and we were able to catch up in the later part of the race.

Q: Well it looked like a phenomenal move at the end there on Giancarlo, talk us through that.
Raikkonen: Yeah, just before my last pit stop I was able to go fast and I pulled out a bit of a gap and I was not too far behind any more when I came out so I thought maybe I would have a chance to catch him up and try to overtake and just into the last lap I was able to get him on the main straight and then I started to hit the rev limiter again but I just went as quickly as I could outside on the first corner and luckily I made it through, so it was very good.

Q: Obviously it was a disappointment not securing the Drivers' Championship but how does this race rank in your mind in terms of enjoyment and achievement?
Raikkonen: Of course, it was much more difficult than any other of my wins but in one way it is much nicer when you have to fight for it. So it is one of the best ones. It was great, you know, with all the problems in practice with the engine, then the ten-place penalty and all the problems in qualifying with the weather. We were still able to win and now we have a perfect place for qualifying in the last race.

Q: Kimi, what are your thoughts going into China. With the Constructor' Championship as close as it is, it is going to be a tense finale to the season.
Raikkonen: Yeah, it is going to be a nice race for both teams I think. Last year our car was pretty quick there and I quite like the circuit, so for sure we will try to win the race and hopefully we can win the championship too for the team. We just need to do the best we can and we will see at the end of the race what happens.

Q: Kimi, how does that win rate for you?
Raikkonen: I think it is one of the best for sure, maybe the best one, because I really had to fight for it and after all the problems we had this weekend, it was very nice.

Q: It certainly looked fantastic from outside, what was it like inside?
Raikkonen: Yeah, there was quite a lot happening during the race all the time. There was traffic and I was not really able to run at my own speed, in the clean air, only at the end. It was exciting with some nice overtaking and it is always nice when you can fight like this.

Q: You and Fernando had fantastic opening laps, were you a little bit more held up than Fernando?
Raikkonen: Actually I went a little bit straight in the last chicane, I tried to overtake in some places and then the safety car came out. Montoya touched me a bit at the rear tyre, so I got sideways and lost a place from him but apart from that it was pretty okay.

Q: And behind Michael as well.
Raikkonen: Yeah, after the pit stop I was able to get past him. He made a little mistake and I was quicker than him on the main straight but I had a little bit too short seventh gear, so I was hitting the limiter.

Q: And then the vital later second stop got you past Webber and Button.
Raikkonen: Yeah, I was quicker than them but I was just closing up and I was not able to get a good run on them and I knew they were going to stop before me, so I had two laps to really push and try to gain time. I was able to pull a little bit away from them and then after the last pit stop I saw that he was not so far away and there were seven laps to go, so I went as quickly as I could and luckily I caught him on the last lap and got past him.

Q: (Sal Zanca - AP) Kimi, what do you think about, when you're roaring down the straight, inches apart, entering that final lap?
Raikkonen: Well, I wanted to get past him. I was thinking which way I should go. Of course at the inside it is easier to overtake, but Fisichella went on the inside, so I didn't have much choice but to go around the outside and try to go around him and luckily enough I made it, so I was very happy.

Q: (Michael Schmidt - Auto Motor und Sport) Kimi, how do you explain that all of a sudden it was possible to overtake so many cars, especially on a circuit like Suzuka where people say it's impossible?
Raikkonen: I think the nature of the circuit seems to somehow suit this year better than other years. There was quite a big speed difference with some cars on the straight and I think the quick left hander is now easier so you can follow (another car) through, going flat behind people and it makes it easier to try and overtake into the chicane and onto the main straight. I think that change to the circuit has definitely made it easier to overtake here.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat) Kimi, have you ever been as happy as you are now after a race and how long do you think you're able to maintain the feeling?
Raikkonen: I don't know how long, this evening for sure. I am very happy, of course, for the win. Maybe it makes me happier than normal because I really needed to fight for it so maybe the feeling is stronger now because when you achieve something, when you really fight for it, it's nicer than driving a whole race on your own in front.

2. Kimi RAIKKONEN (McLaren), 1h39m57.633s

Q: Kimi, a difficult race for you. I would guess. Early on you were chasing Giancarlo Fisichella, what was the situation then from your point of view?
Kimi RAIKKONEN: I don't really know, the car was not quick enough. It was not difficult to drive but it just wasn't quick at the start of the race but at the end of the race it got quicker and quicker and it was perfect but unfortunately it came about 40 laps too late so I was not able to do anything any more. I did my best but it wasn't enough today and the Renault was too quick, our congratulations to them and next year we try again.

Q: The safety car came out just as the Renaults were coming in for fuel, did that nullify your fuel advantage, do you think you could have picked up more pace had the safety car not come out?
Raikkonen: I don't know, it is always easy to say afterwards but it doesn't change anything so I don't really know.

Q: Your team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya right behind you hit that manhole cover, did you see any problem with the manhole cover in the lap before?
Raikkonen: I saw it a little bit, it was out of place and next time I came around it was sticking up. I missed it and I guess he ran a little bit wider and hit it so it is unfortunate for him and for the team but in the end I don't think it would have made any difference in the championship, so we pushed as hard as we could but today was not our day, so we will try next year.

Q: And in the closing stages of the race you had three cars in front of you who didn't stop in the second safety car period. What was it like after that, when racing re-commenced for you?
Raikkonen: It was okay, after the last safety car the car was much better, much quicker and they were pulling away a little bit from me but they were lighter and we knew they needed to stop so I wasn't worried about it. It was only a bit disappointing to see that I couldn't do anything any more, it was too late to try to catch Alonso, so it was easy for them but that is racing and the season could have been worse, so it is alright to go on holiday now and have some fun.

Q: Kimi, you were quite confident yesterday but not the result you wanted today.
Raikkonen: I thought we would be a little bit quicker. The car was handling pretty OK at the beginning of the race but it just wasn't quick enough. I don't really know why because it has been pretty good all weekend. In the end it got very good but it was 40 laps too late so I couldn't do anything else. I tried my best and got fastest lap but in the end it doesn't make any difference. Anyhow, the whole team did the best that they could but the Renault was quicker today so they deserved the championship this year and we will try again next year.

Q: Very disappointed?
Raikkonen: It doesn't really change my season much. OK, it would have been nice to win but it's not really... OK a bit disappointing in one way that we didn't win any championships this year but then this one in the last race doesn't make much difference.

Q: The second stop was vital for you to get ahead of Giancarlo.
Raikkonen: Yeah, we had more fuel anyhow before so their stop was shorter and then, I don't know if he needed to wait a little while or not but I was okay, the team did a great stop and I got ahead of him so it was a bit easier after that.

Q: You were behind him as he came into the pits and he had the penalty for obstructing in the pit lane, did you feel...
Raikkonen: He was slowing down and then I tried to go round but (laughing) he was weaving in front of me, but I guess everybody always tries to do that but this time they got a penalty because I think there was a new rule or something after Spa. I don't really know but it doesn't make much difference in the results.

Q: I was going to say that you guys did something similar in Spa...
Raikkonen: Yeah, but at that time I guess it was legal, but afterwards there was some talk that if someone does it they said that maybe they would report it to the stewards and I guess it happened this time.

Q: Was there a drivers' briefing, was it mentioned in a drivers' briefing or something like that after Spa?
Raikkonen: Yeah.

Q: Can you remember where? Brazil, the next race?
Raikkonen: My memory is so bad, so don't ask.

Q: (Akis Temperidis - Four Wheels Magazine) Kimi, talk about one another, can you talk about the season?
Raikkonen: I think when we fight against each other it has always been very fair and clean and there are no bad feelings between us. OK, I would rather win it than lose the championship but he has deserved it this year and that's fine for me. He has been quicker from the beginning, and then maybe we were a little bit quicker and in the end, you saw here that we couldn't match them again. He definitely deserves it, and I will try next year again. I will try to give him a hard time and I am sure he will do the same for me, so hopefully we will fight again next year.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat) Kimi, after this long season how long a break do you need to re-charge your batteries?
Raikkonen: I think I am next testing in January sometime, so that is fine for me. It doesn't really matter if you're testing or not but of course after the season it is always nice to have something else to do rather than thinking about racing and then you are more interested at the start of the next year.

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