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Kamis, 16 Oktober 2014

Russian GP 2014 - Quotes of Kimi Raikkonen

Russian GP - Friday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (11th, 1:41.630):
"This first day of practice was given over to learning the track, which I like and although it's new, the grip level was good. In the first session, we went through our programme step by step, even if towards the end of the session I was unable to complete my last run. In the afternoon, we focused on tyre behaviour, with both compounds taking a long time to reach the maximum performance, which is unusual, especially for the Soft tyre. In order to have a clearer picture on this topic, we will have to wait for the track to evolve. Unfortunately, here too I still don't feel comfortable with the front end and this prevented me from putting together a good lap. Now, along with the team, we will try and find a solution that will allow me to get the most out of the car."

Russian GP - Saturday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (9th, 1:39.771):
"After a difficult Friday, things went better today, the car has improved a lot thanks to a series of changes that worked and we had a good pace. Sure, we can't claim to have ended up where we would have liked, but compared to the start of the weekend, we have made a step forward and this makes me confident for the race. Today, it wasn't easy to put a quick lap together because I still have some difficulties with the front end, especially in the final sector, but tomorrow we will try our hardest to be in the game and make up some places."

Russian GP - Sunday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (9th):
"We knew we could expect a very demanding race and that starting from far back it would not be easy to move up the order, but at the start we did very well. Unfortunately a Toro Rosso squeezed me towards the wall once we were on the straight. Because I had to brake hard, various cars passed me and I lost any chance of having a good race, because from then on I was always stuck behind other cars. The car handled well and with a clear track I had a good pace, but we lacked top speed with which to try and overtake on the straight and having to save fuel meant I couldn't push as hard as I wanted to. We are aware that this year it's hard to fight for the top places, but all the same, we will continue to try our best, starting with the very next race in Austin. That track is very demanding and interesting and I hope I don't have the same problems I had here, so that I can aim for a good result. However, what I wish for most is that all our prayers help Jules at this difficult time."

Senin, 06 Oktober 2014

Japanese GP 2014 - Quotes of Kimi Raikkonen

Japanese GP - Friday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (6th, 1:36.529): "Today wasn't easy and the lack of grip from the track surface, especially in the morning, didn't help. This is a fast and tough track, very demanding for both car and driver. In the first practice session, on the Hard tyres, we concentrated on testing different set-ups aimed at qualifying and the race, then in the afternoon, we made some changes which brought a partial improvement to the handling of the car. But because of the yellow flags and a technical glitch, I only managed to complete just one good run on the Medium tyres. Now we have a full night's work ahead of us in order to find a set-up that will allow us to get the car to suit any sort of condition."

Japanese GP - Saturday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (10th, 1:34.548): "Today's performance was in line with the whole weekend so far and even if I've had a good feeling from the car, I was unable to resolve a few problems already encountered on Friday. In the morning's free practice, a technical problem meant I had to stop running earlier than planned and that prevented us from testing some new components, which would have been useful for the set-up choice. The team did a great job to get my car ready for qualifying in record time. In the first sector, I had a few balance problems and that stopped me pushing as hard as I wanted. I did my best today and tomorrow we will try and make up some places and have a good race."

Japanese GP - Sunday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (12th): "Overall, this was a very disappointing weekend. I had set-up problems right from the first day and again today in the race I didn't manage to drive the way I would have liked. After the start behind the Safety Car, the track conditions were pretty atrocious and visibility was very poor, but my car was handling okay. Then, when the rain eased, I fitted the Intermediate tyres, but after a few laps, they were no longer up to temperature and they began to give me problems at the front end, which meant I had to slow down. Now, we will try and resolve this problem as quickly as possible and aim to improve, starting with the very next race, but more importantly right now, let's hope we get some good news about Jules Bianchi soon."

Rabu, 24 September 2014

Singapore GP 2014 - Quotes of Kimi Raikkonen

Singapore GP - Friday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (4th, 1:48.031):
"Overall this was a positive day, even if, as usual, there is room for improvement. In the first session we concentrated on looking at different set-up solutions and on my first set of Soft tyres I managed to do a good lap, then unfortunately some technical niggles prevented me from getting the most out of the second set. At the end of the session I had a problem with the brakes overheating, but the team managed to sort it out quickly and prepare the car for the second session. The changes we made to the set-up improved the handling of the car and with the Supersoft tyres there was plenty of grip."

Singapore GP - Saturday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (7th, 1:46.170):
"I'm very happy with the handling of my car. Yesterday, we made some changes to the set-up and in qualifying, I finally managed to drive the way I wanted. Unfortunately, in Q3, on my final run on new Supersoft tyres, a problem forced me to pit. It's a real shame as I felt comfortable in the car and we had the potential to get a good result. Now I want to feel confident for the race and I hope the team manages to solve the problem without too much difficulty. Tomorrow, we will do our best to bring home as many points as possible, aware that we are going in the right direction."

Singapore GP - Sunday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (8th):
"Today's race was really frustrating, because despite the fact we were quick, we weren't able to finish where we wanted. My start was good, I moved up a few places and everything was working perfectly. After the first stop, I lost a place to Felipe and from then on, I found myself stuck behind a Williams for the entire race. Unfortunately, every time I managed to get close, I lost aero performance on the rear and on top of that, tyre degradation was very high. It's a real shame I was never able to run my race, even if we already knew that straightline speed is our opponents' strong point. I'm not happy with eighth place, but on the positive side, we have seen improvements this weekend. I'm sure that if, from now on, we don't have problems, things will go better."

Jumat, 12 September 2014

Review Novel Dewi Kawi

Novel pendek yang ditulis oleh Arswendo Atmowiloto ini bercerita tentang Eling, yang kini di usia senja telah menjadi juragan. Berasal dari keluarga miskin, Eling dan adiknya, Waspodo sampai terpaksa mengais kol busuk di pasar untuk menyambung hidup, termasuk juga mengumpulkan air kelapa yang oleh pedagang di pasar dibuang begitu saja karena tidak terpakai, mengumpulkan biji srikaya, sirsak dan kedondong yang diolah menjadi makanan ringan dan malah menelurkan ide usaha. Sewaktu usianya masih dua puluh satu tahun lebih beberapa bulan, Eling pernah jatuh cinta pada seorang pelacur dengan nama Dewi Kawi. Percintaan mereka berlangsung beberapa saat. Eling menjadi pelanggan tetap Kawi. Meskipun Eling tidak dapat membayar lebih seperti pelanggan yang lain, Kawi tetap meladeni, malah menghadiahinya gunting kuku, kaus, dan sarung. Keduanya jatuh cinta dan berniat menikah. Namun, setalah usaha Eling mulai menanjak, termasuk menciptakan produk belut yang lembut yang inspirasinya berasal dari Kawi, perlahan-lahan Eling menjauh dan akhirnya tak pernah menemui Kawi lagi. Ketika Eling akhirnya telah sukses, ia meminta adiknya, Waspodo untuk mencari Kawi, ingin berterima kasih padanya karena dulu telah mencintainya dan memberinya dorongan untuk meraih kesuksesan. Sayangnya pencarian Waspodo terbentur kepada dua belas orang bekas pelacur yang semuanya bernama Kawi. Terakhir, Waspodo merasa Bu Kidul lah yang paling mendekati gambaran yang diceritakan Eling, namun sebelum mengetahui kebenarannya apakah Bu Kidul memang benar Kawi, Waspodo telah keburu meninggal. Bu Kidul sendiri tidak ingat banyak tentang masa lalunya. Pada akhirnya, Eling sendiri merasa ragu untuk menemui Bu Kidul dan mencaritahu apakah ia benar adalah Kawi yang pernah ia cintai dahulu. Ia khawatir kedatangannya malah akan membuat Kawi (jika ia benar Kawi) merasa rendah kalau diingatkan akan masa lalunya sebagai bekas pelacur. Cerita berakhir dengan gambaran keraguan Eling dan tak tersedia akhir yang jelas.

Di sepanjang cerita, Arswendo memang terus menekankan bahwa ingatan adalah sebuah rekonstruksi ulang, bisa didramatisir sedemikian rupa sehingga tidak akurat, seperti juga halnya cinta dan mimpi, seperti sebuah dusta, namun sebaiknya tidak dianggap dosa, sebab ketidak-akuratannya hanyalah karena diromantisasi, bukan karena maksud yang lain. Sebagai sebuah kisah cinta, novel ini tentu saja berbeda, bukan saja karena kedua tokohnya "tidak sempurna" karena bukan melulu menceritakan tentang seorang pria dan wanita, tapi tentang pelacur dan pelanggannya yang saling jatuh cinta. Endingnya juga tidak sesempurna seperti Pretty Woman, di mana Richard Gere jatuh cinta pada Julia Roberts yang berperan sebagai pelacur di film itu. Namun, endingnya yang "tak sempurna" itu justru merupakan akhir yang membumi. Novel ini pun ditulis dengan ringan dan mengalir, tak ada kesan pahit, meski Kawi digambarkan sebagai seorang anak perempuan yang dinikahkan pada usia dua belas tahun, sampai akhirnya nasib membawanya tinggal di lokalisasi dan mencari nafkah di situ. Penuturan di dalam novel ini sangat blak-blakan dan apa adanya, meski di beberapa bagian juga sangat dalam, puitis, dan indah, seperti beberapa kutipan di bawah ini:

"Kematian perlu upacara, mengenang yang tiada."

"Dalam keadaan jatuh cinta, kita menangkap senyuman sebagai perhatian, kita menemukan realitas lain dari sebatang cokelat sebagai sesuatu yang istimewa. Mereka yang tengah jatuh cinta sebenarnya sedang mendustai dalam pengertian mengubah realitas yang ada."

"Cinta adalah dramatisasi, rekonstruksi ulang segala kejadian yang dialami - atau tak dialami secara langsung. Ketika kita larut di dalamnya, dan tak mampu membedakan mana peristiwa yang sesungguhnya dan mana yang olahan, sempurnalah sudah libatan emosi itu."

Secara keseluruhan, novel ini mudah dibaca. Meski termasuk bacaan sastera, membacanya tidak akan sampai membuat kening berkerut, karena pemilihan kalimat dan konstruksi tata bahasanya yang lugas.