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Selasa, 25 November 2014

Abu Dhabi GP 2014 - Quotes of Kimi Raikkonen

Abu Dhabi GP - Friday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (7th, 1:43.489):
"It was a very busy day and, particularly in the first session, we struggled a bit to find the right balance on the car. The programme included various set-up tests and, probably partly because of the high temperatures, my car felt rather nervous. Between the two sessions, we decided to make a few changes and in FP2, with lower temperatures, things improved, also in terms of how we compared to our competitors. My best lap wasn't perfect, I made a small mistake. Overall, the work we did today produced positive results and this evening's analysis of the data will deliver a lot of useful information to help us improve for qualifying and the race."

Abu Dhabi GP - Saturday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (9th, 1:42.236):
"Even before we arrived in Yas Marina, we knew this track would not favour our car and all weekend, we never managed to find a set-up that worked well at every corner. Today, in qualifying, I felt more comfortable, but it wasn't simple putting a good lap together. I was always on the limit and on some parts of the track the car worked well and in others it tended to slide. Tomorrow it will be a difficult race, but as always, we will do our best to bring home as many points as possible for the team."

Abu Dhabi GP - Sunday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (10th):
"It was a very difficult race but we knew right from the beginning that this track would be tough for us. The start was good but then, at the first stop, I already lost a few places and from then on I couldn't move up the order. The car handled well and I had no particular problem, but today we lacked the speed we needed to attack. All season we have faced a series of difficulties which we put a lot of effort into solving and we learned a lot from that. We know which direction we need to work in to be competitive as soon as possible and I have absolute faith in the team."

Brazilian GP 2014 - Quotes of Kimi Raikkonen

Brazilian GP - Friday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (3rd, 1:12.696):
"This was a better Friday than past ones and thanks to the work we did on the car, we got a good response from the changes we made in both sessions. In the first session we concentrated on set-up work and aerodynamic measurements. Because of my usual problems with the front end, we tried to eliminate anything that might have been causing them. In the afternoon, on the Soft tyres, the lap times were good and I'm sure that, without traffic, I could have done even better. Because of the red flags, we were unable to do a race simulation, but everything can change over the next days, because the weather forecast is very uncertain. In the dry, the car is going quite well, but we know that, if it rains, the track conditions could change things around."

Brazilian GP - Saturday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (10th, 1:11.099):
"This weekend, I've had a better feeling in the car and, in general, I've had no major problems while I also felt more comfortable with the front end. We lacked speed today and even though this was our quickest lap of the weekend, it was not enough to finish higher up the grid. Obviously, I'm a bit disappointed to be tenth and, without having done a race simulation yesterday, we are a bit in the dark like most teams. However, what counts is that finally I feel much more comfortable at the wheel, which means we are making progress."

Brazilian GP - Sunday - Team Quotes
Kimi Raikkonen (7th):
"Overall, this has been a positive weekend and even today in the race, I felt very good in the car. During the second stint, we realised that if we went for a two stop strategy, we could make up ground, but then, at my second pit stop, I lost valuable time and that cost me some places. In the final part of the race, I had to fight off Button for a few laps and when Fernando caught me, tyre degradation meant I couldn't fend him off. We leave Interlagos with a good feeling and even if we still have a lot of work ahead of us, this continued progress makes me confident for the future."

Selasa, 04 November 2014

United States GP 2014 - Quotes of Kimi Raikkonen

KIMI RAIKKONEN (6TH, 1:40.543):
"The day began with a few difficulties in the first free practice session, in which we concentrated on analysing various aerodynamic components. I did not feel comfortable with the set-up we had and controlling the car wasn't easy. In the afternoon, we made some changes and the handling of the car was definitely better. On the Medium compound, I managed to do a good lap and I think if I had not been held up in traffic, I could have done even better. We still have a lot of work to do before tomorrow's qualifying, but the improvement we saw from one session to the next seems to indicate we are going in the right direction. We just have to continue doing our best."

“The behaviour of my car was better today than yesterday and I was reasonably happy with the balance, even if I still didn't manage to put together a good enough lap to be higher up the grid. For some reason, we haven't managed to fix a problem with the front end. In all sectors of the track the car tends to slide causing a lot of understeer. Unfortunately, this is a very limiting factor and not ideal. But as usual, tomorrow in the race, we will try our best to get the most out of what we have to work with. I am sure that by continuing to work, improving day by day, we will soon find a solution.”

"This weekend was very complicated and again today in the race, I wasn't able to give my maximum. Up to the first stop, the car behaved well, but after fitting the Mediums the situation got tricky, with higher degradation than expected, so I lacked grip and after a few laps I began to have problems with the front end. I tried to save the tyres in any way possible, slowing in some parts of the track and turning into the corners, but even so I had to take on a set of Softs earlier than expected, which meant I had to make a third stop in the closing stages. Now we will continue to work to try and solve our problems. It won't be easy, but we won't give up all the way to the end of the last race."

Jumat, 31 Oktober 2014

Review Grey's Anatomy Season 10: Puttin' on the Ritz

Di episode keempat ini, Alex (Justin Chambers), Jo (Camilla Luddington), dan Cristina (Sandra Oh) bertugas menangani Jimmy (James Remar), ayah kandung Alex. Meskipun kini telah mengetahui bahwa pasiennya adalah ayah kandungnya sendiri, Alex tetap menolak memberitahu Jimmy bahwa ia adalah anaknya. Alex justru marah pada Jo yang memintanya untuk memberitahukan kenyataan yang sebenarnya pada Jimmy. Jo sendiri menganggap Jimmy lucu. Jo bilang ia tidak pernah punya ayah, itu sebabnya ia merasa Alex seharusnya memulihkan hubungannya dengan ayahnya. Jo juga berusaha agar Jimmy mau mendapatkan perawatan lebih lanjut agar lepas dari kecanduan, namun Jimmy menolaknya. Saat Jimmy meninggalkan rumah sakit, ia tidak sengaja berpapasan dengan Alex di lift.

Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) yang ingin merebut hati Catherine (Debbie Allen) sebagai calon mertuanya mengacaukan kesempatannya saat ibu kekasihnya justru mendapati dirinya tengah bercumbu dengan Jackson (Jesse Williams). Stephanie pun terus-menerus disindir oleh Catherine dan usaha Jackson untuk membelanya di depan ibunya juga tidak membuahkan banyak hasil. Namun, dengan mengutip kalimat dari isteri pasiennya, Stephanie akhirnya mendapat restu juga dari Catherine.

Sementara itu, Cristina akhirnya memberikan jatah operasi bersamanya kepada Bailey (Chandra Wilson) dan tidak jadi mengajak Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). Ia menganggap prioritas Meredith terhadap anak-anaknya membuatnya jadi tidak punya cukup persiapan, sehingga ia khawatir akan membahayakan pasiennya jika ia tetap memilih Meredith untuk mendampinginya dalam operasi. Hal ini membuat Meredith marah, meski Cristina mencoba menjelaskan. Kemarahan Meredith pun ia lampiaskan pada Derek (Patrick Dempsey). Sementara itu, Callie (Sara Ramirez) meminta Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) meninggalkan apartemen mereka, karena ia ingin kembali ke apartemen. Hal ini memedihkan hati Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

Dialog yang menarik di episode Puttin' on the Ritz :

Meredith : "What if your focus splits? What if you can't be all in? Are you left with nothing at all? Maybe you just need to find a different path. Here's what horrifying, what if you can't give a hundred percent ? Maybe you just need to go back to the beginning and start all over again."